Thursday, 28 February 2013

Miss Zali's Giveaway!

The lovely Miss Zali is having a GIVEAWAY!! Woohoo!!
So here are the rules!
1. Follow Zali Bartholemew on Pinterest
2. Follow her on Bloglovin'
3. Do a post about this giveaway!

Check out Zali's AWESOME blog!!
And you could win this awesome Felicity Needle Felting Portrait!!
Here it is!!
 How pretty??
Thanx Zali for having this great contest!!
Lots of love :-D

The New Girl

I am just SOOOOOO SUPER EXCITED because you know how last week was my birthday- well, for my birthday from my parents I got something ULTRA special. I am serious. This present is ultra special and I couldnt ask for anything more!

Well, the suprise came today in the mail...

Now do you know what it is??
It is a Petite De'Jeuner Champs Elysees Blythe dolly!!!(she isnt a petite Blythe that is just her name)
She is my second dolly and guess what I decided to call her??
Hahaha! Such a cute name!!
Here are some more pics of her!
How adorable??
Out of her box all ready!
(Oh and she does have her ears pierced!!)
Honey and her new lil sis!
Thanx everyone!!
(Oh and BTW this is my 40th post, LOL)

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Terrible Night...

Hi everyone!
OMG yesterday it was raining ALL day and the wind was SUPER strong!!! I would say it was the biggest storm in Sydney for a YEAR or so!! It was sooooooo terrible because my dad and I went to my cousins house at about 5pm and we were meant to leave at about 10:30pm because my Auntie and Uncle had to go out to an engagement party. We actually left at 12:30 AT NIGHT not because the parents came a bit later, but because IT WAS RAINING SUPER STRONG we couldnt leave the house!!! When we did leave the rain didnt go down  A BIT but we had to leave because if we didnt we would have been stuck there ALL NIGHT!!
The trip home was SOOOOOOO much fun!! Going through puddles, the rain smashing against the car!! The thunder roaring loudly!! The lightning lit up the sky and it was super pretty!!
And it was really cool because around the corner from my house, every time it rains it floods a little. But because this time it was raining SOOOOO MUCH when we went through it we were underwater for a second or so!! It looked really awesome and it was like that a whole heap of water was engulfing us!! I wis I had my camera with me so I could take pics!!
During the day back at home I took a picture at about 2ish and here it is:
Here is the rain from outside my parents window!
It was super heavy and windy but you cant really tell!
But at night I would say it was a 100 times worse!!
You are never going to believe this but when we finally got home,
It was sooooo loud like it always is and I was soooo tired!! But because my room is the closest to their backyard, I couldnt sleep!!! So Me, My mum and dad were down stairs all night either:
On the computer or reading.
I was on the computer but it wasnt very fun at 1:00 at night when no one is on Skype!!
Finally, my mum decided to call the police coz here the time limit for a party is at midnight. So she called.
The picked up and she told them about it.
They said that they would come.
They didnt.
This time they said that there were too many trees and power lines down so they couldnt come!!
AAAHHHH!! But they actually did come only like 10 mins later. Maybe someone else called too!!
But they came at 1:45 and the music stopped.
it started again!!!! AAAAHHH
But I was SOOOO tired I fell asleep while I was on the computer, while the party was going on.
Apparently the party finished at 3.
Poor neighbourhood. Luckily they are renting.
I hope your day was great!!

Friday, 22 February 2013

My Birthday!!

Ha-ay everyone!!
As some of u might know, on the 21st of Feb it was my 11th BIRTHDAY!! YAY!!
And on the 22nd it was Honey's 1mnth Bday!! WOOHOO!!
From my BFF Rosie I got HEAPS of stuff!!
I am just going to show u what she made for Honey.
The overview!!

Here is all the food stuff:
A box of donuts, Cherries, A smash lunchbox with mini ziplock bags and a sandwich!,
a blender, 2 milk carton erasers, 2 packet of some sorts erasers, 2 noodle erasers!
My dad bought me the Japanese erasers

A bag filled with Justin Bieber mags, a set of books, an iPad,
an iPhone, a toy box which inside has a little Hello Kitty toy and
2 Smiggle sheep erasers.


Art supplies!! (an easel, paint holder thingy, paint brushes and
paint brush holder.
Thanx Rosie SOOOOOO much for your hard work!! I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Blythe at... The cafe #2

Guess what cuties?? I have just had over 1000 views!! I am SUPER excited because just by emailing a few people and commenting on a few blogs, this happens! I am sooooo grateful that I have such lovely fiends and that YOU have been reading my blog! Thanx a lot everyone!
Ok so last week Honey and I went to this great cafe in Botany, Sydney called Brasserie Bread. It is very popular and we go there pretty often! Honey just loved the cakes there!
U looking at the pastries?
Ya! Why?
You have to eat breakfast first!
Because! You can have sweets later!

Sit down Honey!

Now you can look at the sweets!

I want this one! The chocolate brownie!
Hahahahaha! Honey loves sweets!
Thanx everyone and remember to:
Follow me on pinterest: CraftyAlex:-)
On Bloglovin
and Be Happy:-D

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Versatile Blogger Award

Hi Cuties!
Here is the Versatile Blogger Award! I was Nominated by Lilli from Tam and Lilli.

The rules:
  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and include a link to their site.
  2. Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your blog post.
  3. Nominate 7 fellow bloggers that you've recently discovered or follow regularly and include a link to their site.
  4. Let them know that you have nominated them. 
  5. Share 7 random facts about you. 
 The 7 facts:
1.  I am obsessed with the computer and stay on it for at LEAST 3 hours on the weekends but sometimes can stay on for 5hours!
2.  I LOVE school and am always looking forward to Mondays
3.  My absolute favourite food in the history of foods is SUSHI!! I cant have enough of it!
4.  I have over 120 Littlest Pet Shops!
5.  I won a Public Speaking competition last year.
6.  I have an obsession with erasers and have a collection
7. I love board games and y favourite one is Monopoly Millionaire.

The nominees:
Emily from Crafty Girl*
Olivia from LiviCupcake
Barbora from A Bit Confusing
Lilli from Tam and Lilli
Zalia from Zalia's Stories
Ruby from A Vintage Girl
and Rosie from Rose E and Blythe

Thanx everyone!

At the Saturday Markets...

Hi Cuties!!
Last Saturday my mum, my brother, Honey and I we went to the markets in Moore Park.
We had heaps of fun especially because we hadn't been for AGES!!!
Here are some pics!
Mmmmmmm, Cupcakes!!

Lots of fruits and veggies!


Handmade accessories!!


Lolly table!

Candles and reed infusers!
Lots of lovely flowers!
Gotta love the markets!
Thanx everyone for coming on my blog!
Will try to post more!
and PLEASE check out my BFF Rosie's blog

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Ruby from a Vintage Girl's Blog!!!

Hi Cuties!!
I havent been posting at all but next week something exciting is happening so I will probably post a little bit more! Here is Ruby from A Vintage Girl!
Hello, I'm Ruby! I love Blythe, Crafts, blogging and making new friends!

Why did you start blogging and who inspired you the most?!!
I started blogging because I had saw a few GREAT blogs and thought it would be fun and quite a challenge! The blogs inspiring my to start were actually the only ones I knew about!
A beautiful mess
The Janelle Wind collection

What is your favourite thing to blog about?!?
My favourite thing to blog about would have to be about my Blythe dolls

Why do you blog and what keeps you going?!?

I blog because it is fun, others like my blog and I'm not that good at keeping routines and it helps me remember!

What are your favourite blogs?!?
I have MANY favourite blogs but you can see them all here!

  How do you mange blogging and school/work?!?
Well I mange it by typing half posts on the weekend then finishing them on the school days!

Thank you Alex for giving me a guest post :) Please visit my *blog* :D

~Ruby xx

Thanx sooooooo much Ruby for doing this guest post on my blog AND thanx for being my friend:-) So please check her blog out and FOLLOW her on BlogLovin!
Thanx everyone!!

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Pickle and Honey's Get together!

Hi Cuties!! I am SUPER sorry that I haven't posted in over a week!! AHHHHH! I have been sooooooo busy and I haven't really had any post ideas! Anyways, yesterday Honey and I went to our BFF's house! Rosie from, and her blythe Pickle! Honey and Pickle loved playing together!
They had sooooooooo much fun!! I had lots of fun too!! Rosie and I made lots of things from Fimo Polymer clay! We made pastries and lots of different foods! I will probably do a post about the things we made tonight! BTW do u guys like the new way Blogger uploads ur photos off your computer into a post??? Coz I absolutely cant stand it!! I liked it the other way! Tell me what u think! Ok bye for now! Have a great day! Alex xoxoxoxoxoxo

Friday, 1 February 2013

Honey and Friends!!

Hi Hi HI!!!
Hope u had a great day :-)
Today Honey really wanted to show u all of her BFF's!!
Here are some pics of Honey and her friends!
Left to right:
My Melody, Honey, Hello Kitty

Minnie Mouse, Honey

Poppet from Moshi Monsters, Honey

A Japanese figurine I call Hatami

Honey's BFF Mandy, Honey

Pillow Featherbed the LalaLoopsy, Honey

Domo and Honey
Thanx everyone for reading my blog!!! Thanx to everyone that has been nice to me!!
Have a great night!! :-D