Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Honey's Hairstyles!!

Hi Hi Hi!!!
Today was my first day of school for the year and it was terrific!!
I am in class 6N with an awesome teacher Miss Noble!
I am with my friends and I am happy :-)
I hope your school days have been great like mine!!
Today I tried some weird hairstyles with Honey just to try what she looked best in.
I tried:
Cool Caveman
Pretty Pony
Stylish Side
and Craziness!!!
Here are the pics!
Cool Caveman.
This is with her hair in a ponytail on top of her head.
Here is Pretty Pony.
A nice ponytail.

Here is the side view of the ponytail.

This is the Stylish Side.
It is a little messy.

And finally Craziness!!!!
This is styled with the hair in front of the face to create a crazy effect!
So these were Honey's hairstyles!
Comment below which is ur fave???
Ok Thanx!
Have fun!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Hi Cuties!
Hope u all had a wonderful day!!
I sure did!
For many of us living in NSW we start school for the year tomorrow!!
I am going into yr 6 and have no idea who my teacher is! ^_^
I hope I get someone good because I will b stuck with this teacher all year!
Well what I wanted to show u guys was a thing called a Poppet.
My mum's friend Jayne is a hairdresser and has won lots of awards such as hair dresser of the year and her salon won best team of the year at hair expo a few years ago. Every year they win something!
Well Jayne Wild has loved Blythe dollies her whole life and she got me into Blythes! Her wish was to create a Blythe that was alive! So she made it happen! She created huge blythe heads to go on human bodies! My mum is a makeup artist and she painted these dolls heads to make them come to life! She did their hair and made them look even prettier! These are based on Blythes but arent exactly them!
Here is a video of her talking about her creations!
Here they mention Isabella Schimid that does the makeup and that is my Mum!
Here is part 2 if u wanted to watch more!
Jayne actually does call everyone Poppets! She calls me one!
The Emo one used to b displayed in their hair salon!
So if u want to find out more search Jayne Wild Dolls up on Google or YouTube.
Thanx everyone!
If u would like to find me on Skype my name is princess_a.z

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Honey's House!

Last week when Honey arrived I made her a cute little house on my bookshelf!
Here are some pics!
Here is the lounge room!

Another room

Honey's bedroom

The dressing table

Goodnight Honey...
Thanx for coming on my blog!
Have a great day!

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Blythes at a... CAFE #1!!

Hi Cutie Petutuies!
Today Zoe, Izzy and Maddy went to a great cafe called Kitchen by Mike in I think Rosebery, Sydney!
They went with someone very special! They met Honey my Neo Blythe!!!
They all went together and had a great time!
Here r the pics!
Izzy and Honey!

Maddy and Honey look cute together!


Awww! Honey loves lemonade!

Maddy sure likes Honey!
Ok on Monday there will b another post about a cafe thats y this one is #1!
Ok have a great Sunday and hope everyone had a Happy Australia Day (if u love in Australia that is!!)
Lots of big fat kisses XXXXX
Alex *kiss hug kiss hug*

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Blythe in... The backyard! The sequel!

HI Cuties!
I am having sooooooo much fun with Honey!!!
Her and I went everywhere today!
We went to Westfield!
My BFF's house and Honey met My friend's Blythe Pickle! They r like BFF's too now!
We went out for brekkie at a cafe!
And we r just chillin at home now waiting for American Idol to come on!
So I wanted to share with u guys a few pics of Honey in her fave outfit!
I have already done a Blythes in the backyard with my LPS Minis but here is the same sort of idea with a Neo!
My BFF's grandma made Honey this awesome hat!
My bff made me the skirt and the singlet is from old Barbies!
Honey came with the shoes!

She is riding my bro's trike!

Thanx everyone for reading my blog!
Knowing that people look at my blog and like what they see brings a smile to my face!
Check out my BFF Rosie's blog!

Please leave Rosie some comments so she know that u go on!
She would love that!
Thanx again!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Honey the Surprise!

Hi Hi Hi!!!
I am sooooo super duper excited coz the special surprise came yesterday morning in the mail!
She is my dream come true and is just sooooo super duper adorable!!!
Over a week ago I ordered something off ebay with the money I got for Christmas.
I got her for a really great price and I got a blythe doll!!! My first ever blythe doll! (Well, Neo anyways!)
I got Nicky Lad that I was planning on getting her for my bday but saved up enough $ and went along and bought her!
I have been doing everything with her since I got her and have been making her things even before I ordered her!
Yesterday I:
Took her to my BFF's house
Took her to Video Ezy
Took her to Coles
Watched Hotel Transylvania with her last night and even slept with her!
(Today we r going to IKEA!)
So I bet u ur dying to see her!
Here she is!!
Here is my parcel unopened!

She is here in the box!

And again!

After I opened her I put all of her clothes on!

Isn't she a cutie! ?
I have changed her outfits billions of times and have made her loads  of clothes!
For my bday my BFF is making me a bunch of clothes so I am excited for that!
Thanx for coming on my blog!
Bye for now,

Monday, 21 January 2013

Blythes at the... BEACH!!

Hi Cuties!
We just got home from a bike ride to the beach coz it is such a beautiful day today!
My blythes wanted to join us!

Zoe got sooooo wet!

Maddy enjoying the rock!

Zoe, Izzy and Maddy absolutely just love getting wet!
I dont know what it is!
They always ask to come to the beach or have a bath!
BTW: This was not the surprise I was talking about!
Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, 19 January 2013

LPS and Quote of the week!

This week went super fast!
I am just super excited because I have a huge surprise for all of u!
Not today but maybe tomorrow or one day next week I will post about this special thing!
Here is the LPS!
Her name is Posey!
She is a pink cat with a pretty flower on her head!
I added beads to the ears to make it look like earrings!
She is super cute!

Here she is on my bro's trike!
No for the quote.

No seriously, What is?
I love this quote because it is so simple but strong!
Tell me about your day!
Next week I will post heaps!!!
Thanx heaps for coming on my blog!
I really appreciate it!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Hi Cuties!:-)
A few nights ago my mum and I made san choy bau for dinner!
I thought I should share how yummy it was with u!
I got the recipe from the Junior Masterchef Australia Season 1 Cookbook.
San choy bau is a Chinese dish which is kind of like a stir fry but served on a piece of lettuce as food you can hold with your hand.
Here it is in the wok.

This is my san choy bay!

I also had the stir fry mixed with rice which was also very yummy !

After dinner we baked some cookies!
Also from the Masterchef cookies!
They were double choc cookies!
They got a bit burned but soooooo delicious!

They tasted even nicer with a glass of cold milk!
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Exactly how I just wrote it!
Tell me what u had for dinner one  night this week?
Thanx for reading my blog!
I am so grateful that lots of people have read my blog!
I have only been blogging for a few weeks and have almost gotten 500 views which I guess is ok
since I have never had a blog before!
But anyways bye!
Have a great night!

Monday, 14 January 2013

Ashleigh's Christening!

Hi cuties!
Here are all of the pics I took of Sunday!
If u dont already know, on Sunday I went to my baby cousin Ashleigh's Christening!
Ashleigh's candle and some decorations!
More info later!
Yummy punch! My absolute fav drink!
(This punch has no alcohol)
The punch in the cups.

A really pretty ribbon tree and little zebra that my Auntie made.

Here is the zebra!
Everyone got to take one home!



Ashleigh's cake! The theme of this Christening was Pink
Zebra Stripe.

Rocky Road and Choc covered figs!

Fruit platter:
grapes, mango, watermelon, cherries, rockmelon and nectarines.

Chocolate covered prafita roll!
I am sorry I cant spell pre-fita!)

Auntie Connie's (My Nonna's Auntie or my Mum's great Auntie)
famous trifle!

CAKE! With passionfruit icing on top!!
I had so much fun and t was super cute when at the church the priest poured the water on Ashleigh's head she was asleep and didnt cry! She is adorable!
Ok thanx again and make sure u follow me on Blog Lovin'!