Monday, 25 March 2013

Kiki's Room!!

Alex here!
Here is a lovely post about
I have already done a tour of the house when it was just Honey living there, but I needed another room for my wittle Kiki.
Here are some pics of her room!!
The view of how u see it when u stare right at it.
The over view

Kiki's bed with her doll and Hello Kitty thingy.

The side table, squinky collection and art supplies.

Sewing machine and such.

The top bit!
Hope u all enjoyed Kiki's room tour!
I have something exciting...
Well, today I had to have an interview for the high school I am going to next year to see if I will get in.
Well, I GOT IN!! I am very happy because I love this school to pieces and I badly wanted to go there!
I even told the principal that I had a blog and she liked that!
Have a fun day everyone!

Saturday, 23 March 2013


Hope u guys just LOVE my new blog!!!
Rosie still hasnt sent me the pics!
But I badly wanted to do a post!
My dad, my bro and I just got back from a bike ride and we went to the Sculptures By The Sea near my house! Then we had a picnic brunch! Honey and Kiki came too!
Enjoying their picnic!

This was one of the sculptures

Look at me in the reflection of this sculpture!

This was another awesome sculpture. It was made of bronze and copper.

This is a bird and inside its stomach is lots of rubbish which is meant to
represent not to litter.

This is rubbish but formed into the shape of a flower.

My shadow with Honey and Kiki in my hands.
Hope u like my new blog!!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Welcome :-)

Welcome everyone to LIFE OF BLYTHE!!
I was questioning the name Love for Felt because I dont make felt plushies anymore!
So I decided to call it LIFE OF BLYTHE because it's a name I will keep for a long time to come!
So welcome! Tell me what you think!

Oh and if you do an add swap with me I will email you all my new buttons in the next few days!!
Thanx a lot everyone!!

Day at Rosie's #2 Pickle's New House!!!

I am SOOOO super sorry that I didnt post on Sunday!! I have been super busy and actually fractured my nose the other day!!
I have something exciting to tell you!!
Today is Honey's 2 Month Birthday!!!
She is having fun with Kiki!!
Well as ou guys know last Saturday I went to Rosie's house and we did some things!
Today I will be showing you about Pickle's (that's Rosie's Blythie) New House!!
Pickle has just moved into new shelves because before her house was on the floor!!
Rosie got some great new shelves and I helped decorate Pickle's house!
It still wasnt finished when I left so sorry if her house is a little bland in a few rooms!
Pickle in her Study!! My fave room!

Pickle's room


Lounge room

Half is Bathroom and the other half is the storage area.
Not finished yet

Craft room. Still not finished either!

These was the HUGE box that all of Pickle's stuff went in!
It was completely full when we started!
Thanx so much guys for waiting!
Have an absolutely LOVELY weekend!
Will probs do post tomorrow! Thats if Rosie remembers to send me the pictures! What happened was my camera died at her house and she took the rest of the photos with her camera!
Thanx again!
Lots of big fat hugs and kisses!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Day At Rosie's #1 At the Soccer

Yesterday I went to ROSIE'S HOUSE!!
I had soo much fun I decided to share it with u!
Over the next 3 days I will be posting about what happened.
Firstly we went to her brother's soccer (football in some countries) game and we took some pics of our Blythies! They look soooooo cute together!
Rosie, her little sister and I all wore our Saltwater Sandals
(the best sandals EVER!!!)

Honey, Pickle and Kiki!
Honey likes to climb!!

Kiki siting with Rosie!

This was the first time Kiki met Pickle.
They decided to slide down the slide together!!

hahaha! Honey climbing again!!
They had soo much fun!
I had fun too!!
Tomorrow I will do another post!
Have a great day:-D

Saturday, 9 March 2013

My Favourite Blythes!!!

Here are  a few of my favourite Blythes!! (Say that like the Sound Of Music song : These are a few of my favourite things!!(make sure you say it out loud))
Ice Rune

Friendly Freckles
Sunshine Holiday

My Little Candy
Prima Dolly Tokyo
Simply Peppermint
Ribbonetta Wish
(Obviously I love her because she has Hello kitty on her!)
Cassiopeia Spice
Tarts and Tea
Nostalgic Pop
Nicky Lad
(Obviously I LOVE my Little Honey Bunny!)
Midnight Spell
Stawberries and Cream Cute
Petite De'Jeuner Champs Elysees
(I also LOVE my Kiki!!)
Red Delicious

Pickle Winkle
(I love Rosie and her Dolly!)
Orange and Spice
Miss Sally Rice
(She is like my all time fave Blythe!!!)
Roxy Baby
Rainy Day Parade
I know, I have HEAPS of favourite Blythes!! I love every Blythe but these, are truly my faves.
Thanx everyone!!
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Thanx again!