Monday, 25 March 2013

Kiki's Room!!

Alex here!
Here is a lovely post about
I have already done a tour of the house when it was just Honey living there, but I needed another room for my wittle Kiki.
Here are some pics of her room!!
The view of how u see it when u stare right at it.
The over view

Kiki's bed with her doll and Hello Kitty thingy.

The side table, squinky collection and art supplies.

Sewing machine and such.

The top bit!
Hope u all enjoyed Kiki's room tour!
I have something exciting...
Well, today I had to have an interview for the high school I am going to next year to see if I will get in.
Well, I GOT IN!! I am very happy because I love this school to pieces and I badly wanted to go there!
I even told the principal that I had a blog and she liked that!
Have a fun day everyone!

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