Thursday, 26 September 2013

Someone's Birthday?!

Hey there everyone!
Today someone FABTASTICSOME (New word I made up! A mixture of Fabulous, Fantastic and AWESOME!) is celebrating her birthday!
Its Ruby's Birthday today!!!
Happy 13th Birthday!
Your finally a teen!!!!
Have a FABTASTICSOME Birthday!!
Have a great day and everyone go to her blog and wish her the happiest bday ever!!
Oh and btw my blog just reached 5500 views! YAY and thanks!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Elegant Blogger Award

Good evening Ladies and Gents (am trying to act all Elegant coz I got nominated for the:
I was tagged by the absolutely AMAZING and elegant lady, Flora!!

The rules are:
-When you recieve the award, link back to this blog and the blog that nominated you! Fanku Floraaa!!!- Display the award button on your post!- Answer ALL the 12 questions in this post- Nominate 12 other bloggers- And notify them!!

Question Time!!

1. What made you decide to start blogging?
Do I have to tell the whole story?! Well, it starts like this!
Last year in August I searched up Blythe on Google coz I wanted 2 find out more about these AMAZING dolls. So, I typed it up and Emily's blog CaftyGirl came up. I checked it out and was instantly hooked on reading blogs! I found out about Ruby's blog and all these other amazing blogs and I was like "I so want one of these awesome things!" So I did my research and BANG! Life of Blythe was born...

2. What is you fashion style?
Oh! Im girly, dressy, bright and colourful! Thats my style! I like to dress dressy everywhere!!! Dresses, skirts, tights and floral! I'll only wear jeans if they are bright pink!

3. What is something none of your followers know about?
Uh, I think you already know everything about me! If u read all my 50 Random Facts About Me Tag you should know a lot about me!

4. What are some of your blogging goals?
I would just love to learn to create my own blog designs and use my own fonts and stuff! I would also like to use Photoshop and work on my photography! Also take more pics of my Blythes and do more crafts! I would also just love to inspire others to be awesome! Just like all my AWESOME blogging friends!

5. What's your fave place to shop?
I love Valleygirl, Bardot Junior, Seed, Witchery8Fourteen, Gumboots, Typo, Daiso, Morning Glory, Kinokuniya and all Japanese cute shops and awesome stationery places and cute clothes stores!

6. Whats your ideal amount of followers?
What?! How can I say that! I mean, it would be great to have a popular blog but my blog has about 30 followers on Bloglovin and I mean thats not a lot, but to me, its great! Coz I know I've worked for those followers and they are all my friends and love my blog, thats why they follow me!

7. What are your talents?
Well, Im good at school and am nerd-ish, aha. Im ok at crafting I guess, but only if I have a pattern or instructions! Im ok at drawing too, but I would say my main talent is school. Aha.

8. Are you a leader or a follower?
Im a leader. Im school captain, so I guess I have to lead! I dont like to follow, I like starting trends and I was always a natural leader and always sort out problems at school! Ah!

9. What is one of you favourite quotes?
Im going to say a few coz I cant chose one!
"Dont be sad its over, be glad it happened"
"You cant buy happiness, but you can buy an ice cream and thats kinda the same thing!"
"I'll smile today, and cry tomorrow (Read this everyday!)"

10. Do you have a fave book or book series?
I love the Wildwood Chronicles by Colin Meloy and also the Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart. But I love reading!!!

11. Out of all the synonyms for Elegant, which would you describes yourself with?
I dont know. Uh, dainty? I've always been the smallest person in my grade!!

12. What is your favourite flower?
I love Frangipanis!!! They are sooo awesome!! I also love Pansies!!

I Nominate-
Ruby from A Vintage Girl
Harri from Cupcake Crafty
Lili from Tam and Lili
and ANYONE else that wants to do it is welcomed to!!!

Have a lovely day!

Saturday, 21 September 2013

The Blythe Society!!

Hello there everyone!!!!
Like my new blog design?!! It was made by the absolutely AMAZING Harri!!!
Thanks Harri! I love it soo much!!
So, onto what this post os about...
RubyZalia and I, have formed this absolutely fantastic group called...
(TBS for short!)
And it is for all u MAD Blythe Lovers out there, just like us!!!
Click Here to go to there website and if you like what u see, Join!!!!

Sooooo, remember to join the best Blythe club ever!!!!
Where there are:
Blythe DIYs
Blythe Customisations
and more!!!
Thanks everyone!
Lotsa love,

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Blythe Fashion Game!!!

Hey Everyone!!!
Yesterday I went to Rosie's house and we played an awesome Blythe game!
We would make a theme, and we had to dress up the Blythes in that theme!
For example!
The theme here was orange!

 So Tammy and Pickle dressed up in Orange!
The theme here is... Floral!!!  Here is Madi all florally.
And Tammy!
 Here it is school! Madi!
 This is Rosie's little sister's Blythe Charlotte!
And Tammy on her way to school!
I had sooo much fun at Rosie's and this game was sooooo awesome to play!!
Have a great day :-)
And what outift did u like the best?!

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

IKEA Doll Furniture?!

Hiya everyone!
Happy Wednesday!
U know that absolutely AMAZING furniture shop IKEA?!
Well, they just made this new product that is...
Its basically real IKEA furniture turned into small- scale perfect for Blythes!!
The other day my parents come home from IKEA saying
"Oh yeah, we found this at IKEA and thought u might like it" I was like "Oh my goodness gracious me!!?!?!?" I opened it and straight away re-decorated the Blythe Quarters!
It also came with awesome cute outs!! Like picture frames and windows!
Here is the set
Taken from IKEA website...

Here is the new House!!!!
The office area, with Honey enjoying hot chocolate and cookies!

 A close up...
The yellow chair and green table is the IKEA furniture. The window is a cutout!

The crafting room. The shelves in the background are IKEA and are the same shelves my Blythe House is in! Soo cute! A mini shelf inside the big shelf! Taylor Swift picture frame is a cutout!

 Kitchen! The cutout stuck to the wall is IKEA.

Tammy's sleeping place with some other stuff! A sleeping bag for the Petits and the 2 stands with some stuff and then Tammy's dog. (Whos still doesnt have a name!!! Any ideas?!)

Then the lounge room! The lounge is IKEA + the rug and the red heart pillow in the background!
The window is a cutout!
Hope ya liked it! And see if u can think of a cute name for Tammy's dog!
Oh and the new name of Capuccino Chat is...
Thnx Barbora for the suggestion :-) So cute!
Have a great rest of the week!!

Saturday, 7 September 2013


Lately, I have been drawing my life away!!
I have never ever EVER been a good drawer my whole life!! But I keep seeing Lili and Zali and Ruby drawing absolutely AMAZING pics so, I decided to try!
And thnx sooo much girls! U really inspired me sooo much and now I love drawing!!
THANK YOU!!!! :-D And Zali, I absolutely love ur drawing style so I have been copying some... But all of these are my own creations!
Here they are:
And sorry, they rnt that good, I just thought to share them with u, since Im a beginner and hopefully in a few years time, I can look back at my old drawings and see how I've improved!
 This was my first drawing! I think their eyes are too big...

 This, I think, is by far my fave!
Here are some girls...
 And some more...
 And more...
 And more... But these girls are my BFF Rosie and me!
And then these girls... Their noses are sooo weird! Aha!
Thnx for reading!!
I hoped u like em and tell me
What is ur fave out of all of em?!
And again, thnx so much friends for inspiring me!