Saturday, 14 September 2013

Blythe Fashion Game!!!

Hey Everyone!!!
Yesterday I went to Rosie's house and we played an awesome Blythe game!
We would make a theme, and we had to dress up the Blythes in that theme!
For example!
The theme here was orange!

 So Tammy and Pickle dressed up in Orange!
The theme here is... Floral!!!  Here is Madi all florally.
And Tammy!
 Here it is school! Madi!
 This is Rosie's little sister's Blythe Charlotte!
And Tammy on her way to school!
I had sooo much fun at Rosie's and this game was sooooo awesome to play!!
Have a great day :-)
And what outift did u like the best?!


  1. Hi Alex,
    I think my favourite is the print on the second dress! This sounds like a really fun game.
    I also love the nail polish in the background, the green-ish 'Rubi' is so pretty!
    xo Flora

  2. Awww soo so cute!! Aesome game! U guys have wonderful blythe clothes!

    Xx Barbora