Saturday, 18 May 2013

Op- Shop Find!!

Hallllllooooo everyone!
Hope u r all having a lovely day!

The other day my Mummy went to Bathurst! She went to an Op- Shop and bought me something for my dollies!
It didnt fit in my dolls house sooooo...

I changed the house!!!
Honey's new room!

Kiki's new room!!

The kitchen!!

Lounge room!!

This is what my Mum got me!
A bed!! I turned it into a bunk!
Honey's bed!

Kiki's bed!!
Enjoy the rest of the day and MAKE SURE you check out Blogs By Kids now!!!
An awesome blog that is just awesome!!
Words to describe:
Will Blow ur mind!
Those r just a few!!

Friday, 10 May 2013

Darling Harbour #2

The day after I went to Madame Tussauds, I went back to Darling Harbour with my God Brothers and went to the...
The most beautiful gardens out of China!

This was a free activity book to do in the school holidays!!
We had to go through the gardens finding the landmarks
and different types of animals!

Here is an awesome wall!

The huge lake!

Whats soooooo super cool is that if you pay a little bit extra you can rent these
awesome Chinese outfits to wear around the gardens!

My Godbrothers in a temple thingy!

This is a Water Dragon!

Ohh the waterfall! How pretty!
I had sooo much fn and again, definitely recommend this if you come to Sydney!
Have a great day!!

Monday, 6 May 2013

Meeting the Queen!!!???

Guess what I did last week???
Me and my BFF, Vicky, went to...

 Well, Sorta.
We also sorta met Justin Bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (In love with him!!!!)

 Ahhhhhh! So awesome!!
We also sorta met Michael Jackson!!!
Ummmm??? I thought Michael Jackson wasnt around anymore??
 Ok, well we didnt REALLY meet these people! We went to Madame Tussauds in Darling Harbour!!
It's a wax museum filled with famous celebs made of wax!!!
Here r some other awesome people we "met"
Mr President, Barack Obama
Swimming Champ, Ian Thorpe

Grease star, Olivia Newton John
Stunning actress, Marilyn Monroe

Adorable Alien, E.T
Singing Sensation, Rihanna

And TV Hostess, Oprah Winfrey!!!
We also met TONS more but I only could fit some on this post!!
The next day I also went to the Chinese Gardens in Darling Harbour with my God Brothers!
Will do a post about that tomorrow!
Sorry for lack of posting!!
Lots of big fat kisses and squishy hugs!!
P.S Sorry this didnt have anything to do with Blythe dolls, well, it did sorta have to do with dolls, Lifesize ones in the form of celebrities!!