Monday, 31 December 2012

Cow and the Moon Ice Cream

Hi again
So I promised I would show you one of the greatest gelato places in Sydney.
Cow and the Moon is the second best ice cream I have tried in my whole life!
It is located in Enmore in Sydney and if you live near there or are coming to Sydney you absolutely have to try it out!
Here are some pics of there ice cream!!!!
All I can say it is super delicious!
Here is my cousin Mary's ice cream (left) which is mango and chocolate sorbet.
Mine is strawberry sorbet and granny smith apple.
My cousin Cat licking her ice cream. She got bella chocolate
and blueberry.
Another really great and popular ice cream place is called Messina in Sydney.
There are a few different one around Sydney.
One in Darlinghurst and one in Surry Hills.
Ok bye for now!

LPS of last week and Quote of Last week.

Hi Cuties!
Firstly i would like to wish you all a safe and happy New Year!
I will do a post on my New Year's Eve soon coz I am still waiting for my cousin to send me the pics she took.
I have to also do another post after this about the ice cream place I was talking about.
I have come up with Quote of the Week. It is a special quote I have found and liked either from the computer or a book.
Here is LPS of the week:
Clover the Zebra!
She has a furry mane which I think is so adorable!
Her mane is so soft!

Now for Quote of the week! (well last week)
Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.
Which basically means you have to say you will try before anything will happen.
Ok so now I will post about the ice cream!
Bye for now

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Ice Cream for Nicole

I just found out today that my best friend Nicole is moving to Chicago, America in February :-)
I am really sad and will miss her so much, so I made her something.
I made her a cute ice cream plushie that I made for her last night.
Here are some pics:
Here is the ice cream. I stuffed it up between the scoop and cone.

This is how big it is. (My hand is quite small)
Here is its face. I embroidered the tongue and mouth.

Well thanks for coming on my blog.
Oh and tonight my dad and I are going to the best ice cream shop in history so I will take heaps of pics and do a post maybe tomorrow.
And again tonight I will do another post because I haven't done LPS of the week yet.
Ok bye for now.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Sydney City

I was so tempted to do another post tonight!
Yesterday my two cousin's Catherine and Mary and I we went to the city and here are some of the photos my dad took of us around the park!
This post is for my friend Barbora from A Bit Confusing and for anyone else that lives out of Sydney to see how beautiful this place is!
The beautiful St Mary's Cathedral

The fantastic statue that points to the cathedral
My cousin's and I outside the cathedral. (I am the small one in the middle)
Ok bye guys


Be aware that this is a very very long post!
Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas!
I had the most wonderful Christmas ever!
On Christmas day my Mum, Dad, brother and I went to my Auntie Georgia's house for a Greek lunch!
We had lots of Greek foods such as :
Haloumi Cheese
Greek Salad
Spanokopita (spinach pie)
and soooooo many other Greek things!

For dinner we all went to my Nonna's (Italian Grandma) house!
There were about 100 people there!
We had basically the biggest dinner you could ever imagine!
We had:
About 10 different salads
Seafood like prawns, oysters (eeeewww!), mussels, salmon etc.
and again soooooooooo much more!
The dessert was scrumtious!
Zoe loves the Christmas tree!
Here are a few different pictures of the day!
All of the presents under the tree for all of my cousins!
Yummy! Fruit punch is my favourite!
Custard tarts!
MMMMMMM! The chocolate mousse is my favourite part of Christmas!
A triangular Gingerbread house?
It was yummy though!
Rockyroad, Biscuits and a whole heap of sweets!
the tree at my Nonna's house

Ooohhh the ham!
Here is some of the seafood.
Zoe has been a good girl this year!
Here is only a tiny bit of the food at my Nonna's house.
Watermaelon. Mango, Cherries!

Zoe is helping set up the table outside 

Those were all of the pics I took on Christmas!
I was busy spending time with my cousin's and having fun!
You all have yourself a happy nw Year and I will probably post before the new year but if not see you next year!
What I want to know is what did Santi Claus bring you under the tree?
Well bye for now!

Saturday, 22 December 2012

LPS of the week!

I am so sorry that this has been my only post this week! I have been so busy helping to set up for Christmas! I absolutely promise that I will do a post lots of times in the coming week. I have lots of posts ready but just haven't had the chance to actually post them. Example: Blythe in... Christmas Land!
So here is LPS of the day.

Tilly the Turtle!
So hope you all have a fantastic 2 days before Christmas!
Have a great school holiday if you live in Australia!
Be happy!
P.S Thanks so much for coming on my blog! I am so happy that you take the time to read it!
If you like it please tell your friends!

Friday, 14 December 2012

Littlest Pet Shop of the Week + A ginormous announcement !

Hi Cuties!
I have created a new part to my blog where every Saturday I chose a Littlest Pet Shop to crown LPS of the Week.
This week the LPS is...
Here she is

Isn't she cute?
She is a LPS dragon and came in a fairies pack I got from Toys R Us.
She has glittery ears, orange horns, an orange belly, green eyes,
and is purple all over.

Ok now for the GINORMOUS announcement.
Drumroll please...
I found out on Thursday that I won the most votes at school and actually got school captain!
Here is a photo of my badge to prove it!

And please please please tell all of your friends that you think will like my blog!!!
Please do because I really would like to make my blog as popular as Crafty Girl* and all of those blogs!

Friday, 7 December 2012

Day Camp plus what I did today.

Hi Cuties!
I gave up the computer for a week and as promised I am doing a post!
It was ultra hard for me not to go on the computer and blog, play games and do other stuff but the week went super fast!
On Monday all of the captains of this year and ones for next year went on a day camp to the Great Aussie Bush Camp in Kincumber, NSW. It took just under two hours to get there but the time was worth it!
First we did the high ropes which were fun! My partner was my friend Mary. It was 8 metres off the ground.
The high ropes course!

Mary and I on the course.

Me walking across the bridge.

Me going down the flying fox.

Mary zooming down the flying fox.