Friday, 7 December 2012

Day Camp plus what I did today.

Hi Cuties!
I gave up the computer for a week and as promised I am doing a post!
It was ultra hard for me not to go on the computer and blog, play games and do other stuff but the week went super fast!
On Monday all of the captains of this year and ones for next year went on a day camp to the Great Aussie Bush Camp in Kincumber, NSW. It took just under two hours to get there but the time was worth it!
First we did the high ropes which were fun! My partner was my friend Mary. It was 8 metres off the ground.
The high ropes course!

Mary and I on the course.

Me walking across the bridge.

Me going down the flying fox.

Mary zooming down the flying fox.
After the ropes course we went on the giant swing! It was 16m tall!
First you get attached to  the swing, next everyone pulls a large rope and you start to rise diagonally, then you pull a tiny string and WHOOSH down you swing! It was so AWESOME! It was like you going on a super fast roller coaster going down the huge ramp! The air pushes against your face and tears drop out of your eyes! It gives you a wedgie but you hardly feel it!
I definitely recommend trying both of these things even if you are scared of heights!

Oh and today my Dad took me to the city and we went to the greatest book and stationery store in the world! It is called Kiniokuniya and is  Japanese, in Sydney City. I bought a fantastic book called Wildwood by Collin Meloy and illustrated by Carson Ellis.
 I have only read a chapter but I definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for an adventure. I also bought a graphic novel called Amulet and looks fantastic! Haven't started it yet but seems great. I bought two folders for school and a notebook too. Then my Dad and I walked to China Town and went to an awesome shop called Morning Glory.
There are a few of those stores in Sydney. It sells cute things and I think it is Korean. Next time I go (which will be in 2 weeks or so) I will take pics to show you!

Thanks everyone,

Oh and please tell other bloggers about my blog because I really want to make it a fantastic and popular blog!

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  1. Hii Alex!!
    I´m the Barbora fromA bit confusin and I just love this post :)))

    I´ve never been to Roller coster but I was on the ropes with my friends twice!
    It FUN♥♥ :)


    xx Barbora♥ ☺