Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Blythes at... The PowerHouse Museum!!

On Sunday my family and I went to the
It was soooo super fun...
Here r some pics:
The front

Inside, there was an old- fashioned steam train!!

A kid play area

They also had a cool movie theatre from the 30s!!


At the Vintage train station...

Honey sitting on a Penny Farthing
(The first bike design)

We went inside the Wiggles exhibition for my
little brother and Kiki went swimming next
to Captain Feathersword's ship.
I definitely recommend going to The PowerHouse Museum next time your in Sydney!!
More info here:
I have been countless times and never get bored of it!!
Have a great week :-)

Saturday, 15 June 2013

BLYTHE FEST 2013!!!!!

Heeeeey everyone :-)
Yesterday was the most amazingest day ever!!!!
I had the best of fun ever!
I went with my BFF Rosie, Her Mum and her little sister Lucy!!
When we were there I met many people that I've known off the internet.

Me and AMAZING Emily!! I was sooo super excited to meet her because she
inspired me to start blogging :-)
And,  me and RUBY. I was soo excited to finally meet her
after talking on Skype for MONTHS!!
 Now here are some of the stalls that were there.
These are 2 beautiful Blythies!

Some customised dolls that you could buy.

Some super models

Parson Grace and Melowmelowmew Middies!

This is Kiki and Pickle running for the Mini Me comp!
 In the end, sadly we didnt win anything but overall it was sooo super fun and I met so many wonderful people!
See you next year at the Blythe Fest!!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Blythes at... VIVID Light Show

Heeeey everyone :-)
I know I havent done many Blythe Posts lately so I decided to do one! And, there will be some more coming up!
On Saturday my family and I (and yes by family I also mean Honey and Kiki!) we went to the Vivid Light Show in Darling Harbour and the Harbour. It was soooo pretty and it was PACKED!!
Here are some pics:
The Opera house in the background.
Please excuse my awful 'smile'.

The crowd. Not even a fraction of how packed it was.

Again, the terrible 'smile' is looking at you...

The Opera House was all lit up and a projector was changing
all the lights and colours on it.

Kiki enjoyed it too.

This is an awesome lit up sculpture.

This is the Museum of Contemporary Art which was all lit up
like the Opera House :-)
Thanx Peeps!
The light show is now over but is on every year :-)
Have a great week :-)

Saturday, 1 June 2013

2013 School Camp!!!!! Part 1

Last week for 3 days, I was in the bush...
In a tiny little cabin...
My school went to camp!!!!
It was soooo super fun!! I didnt take many photos but my BFF took a video of me doing the Power Fan which is this really tall thingy that was 13m tall that you had to jump off of it with only a rope attaching you!! But you wont fall really fast coz there is a fan above you that keeps you floating slowly!
To be honest with you, I hated it because all you feel like is as if your going to fall!! AAAH! My friends said that I had the funniest reaction. Lol. Take a look...

Haha! My friends said I had the funniest reaction!! I'm actually surprised I didnt like it because I'm definitely a height person!! Like I absolutely LOVED the Giant Swing... More in the next post...