Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Blythes at... VIVID Light Show

Heeeey everyone :-)
I know I havent done many Blythe Posts lately so I decided to do one! And, there will be some more coming up!
On Saturday my family and I (and yes by family I also mean Honey and Kiki!) we went to the Vivid Light Show in Darling Harbour and the Harbour. It was soooo pretty and it was PACKED!!
Here are some pics:
The Opera house in the background.
Please excuse my awful 'smile'.

The crowd. Not even a fraction of how packed it was.

Again, the terrible 'smile' is looking at you...

The Opera House was all lit up and a projector was changing
all the lights and colours on it.

Kiki enjoyed it too.

This is an awesome lit up sculpture.

This is the Museum of Contemporary Art which was all lit up
like the Opera House :-)
Thanx Peeps!
The light show is now over but is on every year :-)
Have a great week :-)


  1. Woow!! Opera looks so pretty!
    And you do look soo cute when you´re smiling :)) love your shoes!! And Kiki is cute aswell!♥

    xxxx Barbora