Monday, 29 April 2013

Cups (When I'm Gone)

Hello Everyguys!
Its been a while since I have posted!
But, the problem is I left my camera at my Grandma's place and am annoyed because I wanted to post!
So here is a post I have been wanting  to do for a while!
About 2 months ago everyone started the craze of Cups, a song from the movie Pitch Perfect.
At school everyone has been doing the cup song! Everyone is now perfect at doing it and all we do at lunch is sing the cup song! Here is the music video of it:

I love the video clip!
Here is a tutorial on how to do the cup song if your interested:

Hope u all enjoyed!
Have a lovely day!
More posts coming this week!

Friday, 19 April 2013

Bowling Blythies!

The other day my friend Gabby, her sister Sophia, my bro, my Mummy and I went bowling! Oh and also Honey came!
My friend Gabby won and I came second.
Honey enjoyed watching :-)
Honey! It was very dar because it was "Disco Bowling"

Honey was watching us from the bowling balls!

Here is the bowling place! We went early so no one was really there.

Then my Mum got us 5 tokens each! So we got to go to the arcade!

Here is Honey on the Air Hockey table looking at some other games!
Hope u enjoyed!
Have a lovely day :-)
Please check out this awesome blog!
Her name is Alex just like me and has a blog!
Be sure to check it out NOW!!
Love Alex XOXOX

*The Grounds*

The other day we all went to this AHMAZING place called The Grounds! It's in Alexandria in Sydney. If you wanna find out more search up The Grounds on Google!
Kiki came along :-)
Kiki had a little picnic!
The gardens r amazing and there are 2 full time gardeners that work here!

We were lucky, we got this awesome little glasshouse to sit in.

The bathroom is so pretty I had to take a pic!

Here is the pig Kevin Bacon. Lol!
They also have a chicken coop but realised I didnt take a pic
after I left ^_^

The wishing fountain

A little cubby house for kids! It's so cute and inside people write
on the walls with chalk which looks cool!

Here is the slide that comes out of the cubby house and a little play area
for kids!

The bacon and egg roll cooker! These guys make the best!
(Dont worry they dont use Kevin!)

How absolutely amazing is this flower!
It's off a passionfruit vine that was there!
Hope u guys enjoyed!
More posts soon!
If you r in Sydney, check this place out!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Simple Stuff #1- Homemade Muesli!

Here is a new segment I call Simple Stuff!
It's where I will be showing you how to make stuff like cooking and craft!
Today we will be making MUESLI!

The ingredients:
Flaked Almonds
Sunflower Kernels
Pepitas (Pumpkin Seeds)
Maple Syrup
Rolled Oats
Butter (not shown)
You can add anything else you like!
Also you can add as much of each ingredient depending on how much you're making.

Firstly, Put the nutmeg, cinnamon, maple syrup and butter
on the stove and boil until it's melted together.

Mix all the dry ingredients together!
(Not including the cinnamon and nutmeg!)
Mix in ,evenly,  the maple syrup mixture with the dry ingredients.
Then pour it out onto a baking tray!
Put it in the oven for about 25minutes on 180 degrees celsius.
Some ovens may require a higher temperature etc.
Then, serve for breakfast with milk or yoghurt with grated apple on top!
Thanx everyone! If you make this tell me what you thought about it!

Monday, 15 April 2013

The Sun has Risen!

If you check out My Bucket List You will see that on my list I would like to see a sunrise!
Well, on Sunday morning my dad and I woke up at 10 to 6 and rode our bikes to the beach, to see the SUNRISE!! I will be crossing it off my list!
Here is what the beach looked like before the sunrise in the twilight stage

Me and my bike! Please excuse my tracksuit!
It's starting to get lighter!

My silhouette 

THE RISING OF THE SUN!! How pretty is that?!
Have you ever seen a sun rise? Tell me your experience!
Have a great day!! <3

Friday, 12 April 2013

Schools Out!!

Today was the last day of school for Term 1!!
I will be on holidays for two weeks so lots of posts will be happening!
If your on holidays too, HAVE FUN!!
I love the comic above! I think it's funny!
Have a great weekend :-)

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Rainbows = Smiles:-)

The other day I woke up to this awesome, pretty rainbow!! I took some pics and if u look up into the right corner it's an...

Aeroplane!! Look how cool! 
I love rainbows! They put a smile on my face!! :-)
Its been raining for days here! I am soo glad there was a rainbow! It brightens up the sky! And definitely brightened up the day! It was just soo glum without the rainbow!! I hope it comes back!

Have a great week!
Sorry I havent been posting lately! I havent anything to blog about! 
Dont worry! In the next few days I will have another post up!

Friday, 5 April 2013


I am like sooooo sorry for not posting for almost 2 weeks!!!!
I have been soooooooo busy and my bro had his tonsils out the other day!
Well here is a post!
On the Saturday before Easter Sunday my family went to this awesome place down South!
It's in the Royal National Park in Sydney which is only like 45 mins from my place.
This place is called Wattamolla and is one of  the BEAUTIFULLEST places ever!
I brought Honey along with me!
Oh and I was sorta sick when we went so it sucked because I couldnt go swimming!
This is right at the end of one side of a cliff.
It was soooo beautiful!
When u look out all u can c is the ocean!

Then we had a picnic!

Here was a waterfall that is normally very very big but today it was
pretty small! Lots of people kept jumping off even when they weren't
suppose to.
Well that is Wattamolla! There is more to it though! There is a lovely river that goes down the waterfall where poeple go canoeing!
Have a great day!!
And if u know someone that used to go on my blog please tell them my new URL address!
Thanx <3
BTW This is my 50th Post!!!
50 more and I will do something special!!