Friday, 5 April 2013


I am like sooooo sorry for not posting for almost 2 weeks!!!!
I have been soooooooo busy and my bro had his tonsils out the other day!
Well here is a post!
On the Saturday before Easter Sunday my family went to this awesome place down South!
It's in the Royal National Park in Sydney which is only like 45 mins from my place.
This place is called Wattamolla and is one of  the BEAUTIFULLEST places ever!
I brought Honey along with me!
Oh and I was sorta sick when we went so it sucked because I couldnt go swimming!
This is right at the end of one side of a cliff.
It was soooo beautiful!
When u look out all u can c is the ocean!

Then we had a picnic!

Here was a waterfall that is normally very very big but today it was
pretty small! Lots of people kept jumping off even when they weren't
suppose to.
Well that is Wattamolla! There is more to it though! There is a lovely river that goes down the waterfall where poeple go canoeing!
Have a great day!!
And if u know someone that used to go on my blog please tell them my new URL address!
Thanx <3
BTW This is my 50th Post!!!
50 more and I will do something special!!

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