Wednesday, 30 October 2013

What Shall I Paint my Nails?!

Lately Honey and I have been absolutely cray cray about nail polish and nail art!
So I decided to make a Swatch Book with Honey!
We got the idea from Cutepolish on Youtube!
I love her channel and love, well, trying to copy her great designs!
As most of you you know, my Mum is a makeup artist, and she has quite a few polishes!
So I made it using hers and mine!
Honey and the book :-D
 The Pinks & the Reds...
 The Blues & the Greens...
The Purples & Dark Reds...
 The Darks... AKA Blacks, Greys, Browns...
 The Nudies... AKA Really like super duper light light pink...
 The Glitters & Metallics...

The Oranges & Yellows...
My Pinks and Reds! Or... Well all the colours I own aha!

The first few ones was a pack of 5 colours I got from Diva, the second was a free gift in a magazine, the OPI one was a present from my Mum, and the rest are ones that my Mum didnt need anymore aha!

So YOU tell me...
What shall I paint my nails!?
Comment which colour is your fave!

Have a wonderful Halloween and I might do a post about it! (I will bring one of the Blythies Trick or Trreating!)
Lots of love,
NYCO.P.I (My fave brand ever!), RevlonNARSM.A.CChristina Fitzgerald.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

A Beautiful Mess

Hai there everyone!
Recently, I have literally been addicted to reading Elsie + Emma's beautiful blog!!
I love all of their posts so much!
They are all so inspirational and well...
On their blog you could...
Learn to make a tree swing
Cook up some homemade creamiscles
Not waste time watering plants with your cacti garden
And soooo much more with their like tens of thousands of blog posts!
(They post everyday and have been for 7 years!!!)
Please please please check out their absolutely amazing blog!
I know you will become obsessed like I have!!
A Beautiful Mess, one of the best blogs ever created!
Have a wonderful day :-D

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Present from RUBY

Heeey Hooo

Yesterday, I received something very very VERY super duper exciting in the mail!!!!!!!

Recently, it was Ruby's birthday!!!!
And I sent her a very cute present by post, since she lives far away
And well, Ruby sent me a thank you present and it definitely was a thank you present because I just want to keep thanking her for it!!!

She put it in an envelope, which had a note and a little wrapped parcel inside!

 The note!
The cute little parcel wrapped in paper!
 A really really really adorable headband was inside! She crocheted it by herself!
Its soooo super FABTASTICSOME Ruby!
And... The equally FABTASTICSOME rug she crocheted as well!

They are both AMAZING and I couldnt ask for anything more!
I love it to pieces!!!!!
Thanks so much again!!!
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
And be sure to check out RUBY coz you will love her just like how much I love her!
Have a wonderful day!!
Oh and if you didnt know already I love the present soooo much :-D

Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Hey everyone!
Have you met the FABTASTICSOME bow-loving lady Zalia?!
Well, if you haven't, here is me asking her a few questions!

1. What inspired you to create your blog and the way it looks? 
Well, it all started in 2011, when my best friend showed me her blog ! I just loved the idea of having a blog and that's how it all started :) I just love pastel colours, and ribbon and I put it together to make how my blog looks currently :) 

2. How long have you been blogging?
I have been blogging for more than 2 years :) I started when I was about 9 ... So I'd advise you not to go and look at those seriously crazy posts :)

3. What do you like most about blogging?
 I just love posting about what I love, and meeting so many other extraordinary people from all over the world !!

4. Describe yourself in 4 words
Cheerful :)

5. What are your fave blogs?
There are just soooooo many !!! *sigh* but here are a few -
Yours !
Emily Jane
Picking Daisies
Vanilla Craft
A Little Birdy Told Me 
A Vintage Girl
Tam & Lili
The Last Post
A Bit Confusing
there are so much more, but If i had to do all, the list would be a page long !

6. Who is your biggest inspiration?
Definitely my mother !! Because she inspires me in so many ways, and she pushes me to do my best :)

7. If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?
A Teleporter !!! Ha ha :) Because then, I'd be able to meet all my blogging friends :DDDD

 8. RANDOM Questions! Pizza or Pasta?

Pasta definitely !! I just love it soooo much !!

Aha! Well YOU better go and check Zalia out right this second, because trust me she is truly awesome!!
Well have a great day and cya on Saturday :-D
Oh and dont forget to check her out!!

Friday, 11 October 2013

Blythe Boutiques

Heeeey there!
Im going to share some of my fave Blythe Etsy shops with you!
Well, not just my faves, but the Blythies faves as well!

Retro Princess
Ellie Moe & Little Hoos
Poppy Tree Lane


I love all of these Blythe shops so make sure you check em out!
And if you know of any other FABTASTICSOME Blythe Etsy shops please list them in the comments!
Have a wonderful day!!

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Joee Tween!!

Heeeeey people!!
Recently, I found this FABTASTICSOME website!!! I was just searching the web for some great online  clothing stores and I found this one!!
Joee Tween!! The fashion scene for kids in-beTween...
It has clothing for kids aged 8- 14!!!
They sell, The Lost GirlsSudoWillow and Finn and wayyy more!!!
Here are some of my FAVE outfits that they sell!

 Claesen's Neon Pink Tie Dye Shorts
 Just Add Sugar Olivia Dress
 The Lost Girls Jungle Fever Tank
 The Lost Girls Flowerbomb Dress
 Willow & Finn Orangina Stripe tank

 And The Lost Girls French Braid Dress

Check out Joee Tween and tell me in the comments below, what your favourite pieces are!!!
Have a FABTASTICSOME day and tell me about any other cute clothing stores for tweens!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Hot Gluing!

Hey everyone!
Last week I finally got a hot glue gun!!!
I have been crafting sooo much lately for the dolls, and have finally been able to make lots of My Froggy Stuff tutorials!
Oh I love their channel soo much!
Here is something I made for my Blythes that is sooo super simple! But Im modified it a bit to make it easier... Hehe
Oh it was so much fun!
And now because my Blythe Mansion was stuffed with food, I've created a new room!!
The kitchen!
(The old kitchen is now the dining room!)
 This is my $9 low heat glue gun I got from Riot Arts and Crafts. (Dont worry, am planning on decorating it with stickers!)
 The new KITCHEN!!
 A table where sushi rements are on!
 The fridge!
 The stove/ sink/ oven/ work area. The white 'frying pan' is the one I made with the My Froggy Stuff tutorial and it has the eggs in it!
Tammy making dinner for the Blythe Sisters!

I love using my new hot glue gun and I definitely recommend a hot glue gun if you LOVE crafts like me :-D
It dries in seconds, isnt expensive and is soo helpful! The only downside is, its VERY easy to burn yourself :-(
I burnt myself last week by getting the hot glue on me and it was soooo super duper sore! But if you do get the glue on you, dont peel it off coz it will peel your skin off with it, run straight to the bathroom and run it under cold water, then once the glue is dry peel it off!
It turned into a scab and has now fallen off thank goodness, but now is a white patch of skin! Yuck!
Have a great day :-D