Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Hot Gluing!

Hey everyone!
Last week I finally got a hot glue gun!!!
I have been crafting sooo much lately for the dolls, and have finally been able to make lots of My Froggy Stuff tutorials!
Oh I love their channel soo much!
Here is something I made for my Blythes that is sooo super simple! But Im modified it a bit to make it easier... Hehe
Oh it was so much fun!
And now because my Blythe Mansion was stuffed with food, I've created a new room!!
The kitchen!
(The old kitchen is now the dining room!)
 This is my $9 low heat glue gun I got from Riot Arts and Crafts. (Dont worry, am planning on decorating it with stickers!)
 The new KITCHEN!!
 A table where sushi rements are on!
 The fridge!
 The stove/ sink/ oven/ work area. The white 'frying pan' is the one I made with the My Froggy Stuff tutorial and it has the eggs in it!
Tammy making dinner for the Blythe Sisters!

I love using my new hot glue gun and I definitely recommend a hot glue gun if you LOVE crafts like me :-D
It dries in seconds, isnt expensive and is soo helpful! The only downside is, its VERY easy to burn yourself :-(
I burnt myself last week by getting the hot glue on me and it was soooo super duper sore! But if you do get the glue on you, dont peel it off coz it will peel your skin off with it, run straight to the bathroom and run it under cold water, then once the glue is dry peel it off!
It turned into a scab and has now fallen off thank goodness, but now is a white patch of skin! Yuck!
Have a great day :-D


  1. Hi Alex,
    Oh I want a hot glue gun so badly! Burns are so painful too, poor you. That must've hurt a lot!
    Does the stuff stay suck well? Regular just never seems to work properly for me, this might help!
    Have a great day!
    xo Flora

    1. Stays stuck super duper well!!! I definitely recommend it!!!
      Regular glue doest work for me either so thats y I bought this!!
      Have a great day :-D
      Alex XOXO

  2. That looks like a lot of work. It is very cute and a happy house.