Saturday, 5 October 2013

Joee Tween!!

Heeeeey people!!
Recently, I found this FABTASTICSOME website!!! I was just searching the web for some great online  clothing stores and I found this one!!
Joee Tween!! The fashion scene for kids in-beTween...
It has clothing for kids aged 8- 14!!!
They sell, The Lost GirlsSudoWillow and Finn and wayyy more!!!
Here are some of my FAVE outfits that they sell!

 Claesen's Neon Pink Tie Dye Shorts
 Just Add Sugar Olivia Dress
 The Lost Girls Jungle Fever Tank
 The Lost Girls Flowerbomb Dress
 Willow & Finn Orangina Stripe tank

 And The Lost Girls French Braid Dress

Check out Joee Tween and tell me in the comments below, what your favourite pieces are!!!
Have a FABTASTICSOME day and tell me about any other cute clothing stores for tweens!


  1. Hi Alex,
    My favourite is probably the red velvet Jane dress by The Lost Girls! I've been wanting a red velvet dress for a while now, it's on sale too! I love your picks, your style is too cute!
    Have a lovely day, ttyl,
    xo Flora

    1. Heey Heey Flora!!
      I love the red velvet dress too!! It also has the same name as my fave cupcakes!! Hehe!!
      Thanks soo much!!!
      Have a wonderful day and will 'see' u on the emails!
      Alex XOXO

  2. Ohhh that shop looks amazing!! But heey 0_o aren ´t the cothes too exoensive or do u usually pay 50$ for one t-shirt?
    Please reply because I wanna know. Btw I love this flowerbomb dress u posted here and then the geometrical shorts from the age 14 girls there :))

    Can I ask u how did u make your banner?

    Xx Barbora

    1. Heeey Barbora!
      Yes I guess it is a bit expensive... But they are VERY good quality clothes! And they are very nice! But yess... You wouldnt buy these clothes all the time aha!
      Oh and Harri from Vanilla Craft made me my blog design!
      I just LOVE it sooo much :-D
      I could never make anything like that aha!
      Have a great day!
      Alex XOXO