Friday, 27 December 2013


Hello there everyone!
I hope you all had yourselves a Merry Christmas!
I am here today to share with you the Top 5 Things I got for Christmas this year!!!
(I am not here to brag, I would just love to share the things with you, since I thought you might like it and is an idea for a post!)

Justin Bieber's Fragrance: Someday- This perfume smells VERY flowery!! It does smell great, but a little strong! I like to put a tiny bit on and it smells beee-you-tee-full!

 Kikki K Journal and Notebook Elastic- This book is seriously the prettiest notebook I have ever seen in my entire life! Its just sooooo gorgeous and pretty! The pages are so nicely decorated and the edges of the pages are gold! (How super ahmazing?!) The notebook elastic keeps it closed and has a space for a pen!! So convenient!

 From Santa I got Cotton On Free clothes!! I got this awesome tee, a skirt and a pair of shorts!! (I would've shown them but they were in the wash aha! I also got 2 tees from Pavement but they were also in the wash!)

 From my parents I got a pair of Ray Bans!!! (My Dad is an optometrist) They are sooooo cute and go with everything! They are perfect!

I finally got...
 JELLY BEANS!! I have been wanting a pair of these for the absolute longest time ever!!
They are in the colour Cotton Candy and I am in love with my Jellies!
Some other amazing things I got were:

Havaianas! - I needed thongs! (flip flops) They are soooo perfect for the beach!!
Typo Pencil case and lanterns- Typo is probably my most fave shop in the whole entire world and I just love their pencil cases!

I am soooo super grateful for everything I got and I hope your Christmas was just as spectacular as mine!!
Have a lovely weekend and New Year!!

Sunday, 22 December 2013


It saddens me to tell you, that on Wednesday was the very last time I will enter the gates of Primary School as a student.
I enjoyed every second of the 7 years I spent at that school, and I will never forget any moment!
That is why I am going to share a few great life quotes, that I truly recommend for saying goodbye.
If it's leaving your holiday to France, walking out of a Taylor Swift concert or in my case, leaving Primary.
I already miss every single person in 6th Grade at my old school.
Even the people that slapped me in the face or annoyed me during a test, I still miss 'em!
That's why we have created a group chat on our emails and phone numbers!
And me, being the school captain, will organise a reunion when we finish Year 12!
Here is my favourite Friendship Quote that makes me happy!
Friends are like stars; You may not be able to see them, but they are always there.
This reminds me that even though I won't see my friends every day, they will still be there for me!
Quotes I love:
Start everyday like its your BIRTHDAY!!
Treasure every moment like it's your last day on Earth.
Seize the Day!
Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realise they were the big things.
Don't sweat the small stuff.
These are great quotes, for before you know it, you will be 84 and have 21 great grandchildren!
And my fave quote of them all:
Don't be sad it's over, be glad that it happened.
And that is what I think about when I look back at the beach excursion we had last term!
Remembering how we buried each other in the sand up to our heads! My best day ever.
I hope you have been inspired and to make every single second of your life worth it!
It will all be ok in the end, and if it's not ok its not the end.
Keep your memories forever and enjoy life! Don't get caught up with all the drama and sadness, stay yourself and always remember you have friends that will be there for you!
Remember that when one door closes, a new one opens. And that is when I am starting high school!
I am truly soooooo super excited! But everyday, in the back of my mind, I will remember our Year 6 Graduation and how much we cried celebrating the muckiness of camp, the heaps of homework and the funny times where we laughed for hours!
And without that I wouldn't be the person I am today!
And Harry, I will always have a crush on you! Hehe...
Thank you Class of 2013!!!!
And thanks all of my blogging friends, for always being there for me to enjoy your posts and have a fun time pen palling!

Friday, 13 December 2013

Blythes on... Jumping Castle!

Heeey heeey heeey everyone!
On Sunday, was my little brother's 4th birthday party!
Kiki came along and had soooooooooo much fun on the jumping castle!
 Take your shoes off Kiki!

 Climb up the Dinosaur's mouth! Don't get trapped! (It was awesome coz every five minutes or so, the mouth would close and you would get trapped, LOL it was hilarious!)
 AHHH! Trapped!!
 Looking out the 'window' at the neighbour's AWESOME car!!! My Mum used to have a silver beetle, but we sold it coz it was too small...
 Ready to go down the slide?
 "Ok, Im ready!!"
Off we go!!!
I just love jumping castles!
They are soooo fun :-D
I seriously cannot believe it!
3 days of being a Year 6-er left!!
Eeeeeek this year has gone by soo fast!!
I am sooooo sad that I'll be leaving all of my friends, that I have had for 7 years of my life!!!
But it's all a part of growing up and changing...
What are some things you're looking forward to for 2014 since its less than a month away!?
Im excited for high school!
Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, 8 December 2013


I seriously cannot believe that in only less than 3 weeks, it'll be Christmas!
And next week will be my last few days at Primary School!
Ah, Time flies sooooo fast!
So I made an Advent Calendar!
I started it last year at my friend's place, and then didn't finish it before Christmas.
So decided to leave it for this year!
So I finished it off.
And it is now hanging on my door filled with yummy lollies!
Its hanging on a thing I have on my door for now, since we don't have any hooks or anything.
 Merry Christmas!
(Am not the best sewer, so yer)
 This was my first time using a sewing machine so yer! It turned out VERY wonky but I still LOVE it
See, look at my beautiful wonkiness!
All you do, is grab a large rectangle of felt and sew on squares and decorate! It is VERY simple aha!
Have you made an Advent Calendar this year?
I know absolutely FABTASTICSOME Harri has!
Have a lovely week!

Monday, 2 December 2013

Random Blythes!

Hey everyone!
Something really awesome happened last week!
My Dad and I were just walking in the city and we bump into a guy photographing his BEAUTIFUL custom Blythe doll!
It was such a coincidence as I have never seen a random person with a Blythe!
And his Blythe was gorgeous!
Here are some pics we took of his custom Blythe from Thailand
 Isn't she a cutie?
Up close just so u can see how absolutely AMAZING she is!
Have you ever bumped into a random Blythe lover in the street? Or maybe a fellow blogger?
Have such a wonderful day!
P.S BTW The JB concert was absolutely FABTASTICSOME! I cried so much aha and he was just so amazing and wonderful and awesome and fabulous and fantastic and oh it was great!