Friday, 27 December 2013


Hello there everyone!
I hope you all had yourselves a Merry Christmas!
I am here today to share with you the Top 5 Things I got for Christmas this year!!!
(I am not here to brag, I would just love to share the things with you, since I thought you might like it and is an idea for a post!)

Justin Bieber's Fragrance: Someday- This perfume smells VERY flowery!! It does smell great, but a little strong! I like to put a tiny bit on and it smells beee-you-tee-full!

 Kikki K Journal and Notebook Elastic- This book is seriously the prettiest notebook I have ever seen in my entire life! Its just sooooo gorgeous and pretty! The pages are so nicely decorated and the edges of the pages are gold! (How super ahmazing?!) The notebook elastic keeps it closed and has a space for a pen!! So convenient!

 From Santa I got Cotton On Free clothes!! I got this awesome tee, a skirt and a pair of shorts!! (I would've shown them but they were in the wash aha! I also got 2 tees from Pavement but they were also in the wash!)

 From my parents I got a pair of Ray Bans!!! (My Dad is an optometrist) They are sooooo cute and go with everything! They are perfect!

I finally got...
 JELLY BEANS!! I have been wanting a pair of these for the absolute longest time ever!!
They are in the colour Cotton Candy and I am in love with my Jellies!
Some other amazing things I got were:

Havaianas! - I needed thongs! (flip flops) They are soooo perfect for the beach!!
Typo Pencil case and lanterns- Typo is probably my most fave shop in the whole entire world and I just love their pencil cases!

I am soooo super grateful for everything I got and I hope your Christmas was just as spectacular as mine!!
Have a lovely weekend and New Year!!


  1. Merry Christmas Alex! And your gifts are 'fabasticome!' Haha. Wish you a great year ahead! X

    p.s- my had moved (again! Argh!) Just click on my button (the present one you have on your sidebar) and it'll redirect you to my new blog. I'll give the new button later!

    1. Merry Christmas Trisha!!
      Im glad you used my word! I haven't used it for a while so I'll use it now!
      Your new blog is FABTASTICSOME!!!
      Cant wait for the new button :-D
      Alex xoxo

  2. Merry -really late- Xmas ^^ ! Looks like it was "fabtasticsome" xp !!
    I'm glad you had a nice Christmas ^w^ ! I love the color of your jellies XD !
    Happy new year ♫