Wednesday, 1 January 2014



Hello everyone!!
I can't believe that yesterday was last year, and that today is the 1st of January!!
Oh last year was a mixture of wonderful and horrible things.
Lots and lots of dramas at school, that left me sad for weeks. But, I was also the captain of my school and made a lot of amazing changes to my primary school!
It was the last year of being in Primary, and it was horrible having to leave friends you have been with for 7 years!
My first Blythe Fest was incredible and I got to meet my role model, Emily. And the amazing Ruby!
But I know this year is going to be absolutely FABTASTICSOME and I am looking forward to every second of it!
Im very excited to be starting at a new school and I will be in Year 7!
I am looking forward to meeting new girls and starting fresh! I will have more homework, a further away school, more responsibilities and totally new friends and peers! I am looking forward to learning new things and becoming older and finding myself!
I am going to be 12!!
Almost a teen...
I am also hoping to meet my wonderful friend Ruby again, who I have been talking to forever on Skype!!!
(We need to talk aha!!)
Im looking forward to another Blythe Fest and blogging heaps and heaps!!!

Well lets get onto the post...
Last night (Or should I say last year...) We had a really fun party at my Mum's beauty salon!
It was soooo super awesome!
And as the salon is in Sydney Harbour, we had the best seat for the Sydney Fireworks!!
It was AHMAZING!!!!
And... Jayne, who owns the hair part of the salon, and who told me about Blythes, got a Blythe for Christmas!
The whole team put in money for it and she is a gorgeous Punkaholic People doll!
We took heaps of photos of her with the fireworks...

The 'Waterfall' at the end was my fave part!
I seriously hope you all have the bestest year ever this year and have a wonderful week!
Oh and thanks Dad for taking the pics aha :-D


  1. Wow it is so cool ppl gave money for buying her a blythe :))
    I saw this firework on TV and I was like haha I know a person sitting somwehere there and I saw this firework on insta!! :D
    Wow U had amazing places

    Xx Barbora

  2. I saw this on TV too :D !!! It looks like there was a lot of people XD !
    It's just sooo beautiful *_* !!

    This blythe doll is really pretty :)) !

    Happyyyyy New Yeaaaar ♫ !!


  3. Happy new year!!!!
    Your view is SOOOOOO AWESOME!!!
    We do need to Skype soon, I just need to set it up on my computer first :P
    The blythe doll is so cute!

    Talk to you soon xxx