Monday, 2 December 2013

Random Blythes!

Hey everyone!
Something really awesome happened last week!
My Dad and I were just walking in the city and we bump into a guy photographing his BEAUTIFUL custom Blythe doll!
It was such a coincidence as I have never seen a random person with a Blythe!
And his Blythe was gorgeous!
Here are some pics we took of his custom Blythe from Thailand
 Isn't she a cutie?
Up close just so u can see how absolutely AMAZING she is!
Have you ever bumped into a random Blythe lover in the street? Or maybe a fellow blogger?
Have such a wonderful day!
P.S BTW The JB concert was absolutely FABTASTICSOME! I cried so much aha and he was just so amazing and wonderful and awesome and fabulous and fantastic and oh it was great!


  1. She is soo goregous!!! I mean wooow!! U r lucky! This never happened to me :) but Some ppl from Slovakia have blythes

    Xx Barbora

  2. OMG, she's sooo beautiful *___* ! I looove her, it's a wonderful custom blythe doll ♥.♥ !
    You're really lucky XD !!!
    I've never met anyone who love blythe *apart from my bff*, but I talked to some french blythe lovers via the forum "Frenchy Blythe", and maybe one day we'll do a meeting with some people of France :)) !
    And you went to JB's concert :3 ? Looks amazing ^.^ !
    Have a lovely day !