Wednesday, 30 October 2013

What Shall I Paint my Nails?!

Lately Honey and I have been absolutely cray cray about nail polish and nail art!
So I decided to make a Swatch Book with Honey!
We got the idea from Cutepolish on Youtube!
I love her channel and love, well, trying to copy her great designs!
As most of you you know, my Mum is a makeup artist, and she has quite a few polishes!
So I made it using hers and mine!
Honey and the book :-D
 The Pinks & the Reds...
 The Blues & the Greens...
The Purples & Dark Reds...
 The Darks... AKA Blacks, Greys, Browns...
 The Nudies... AKA Really like super duper light light pink...
 The Glitters & Metallics...

The Oranges & Yellows...
My Pinks and Reds! Or... Well all the colours I own aha!

The first few ones was a pack of 5 colours I got from Diva, the second was a free gift in a magazine, the OPI one was a present from my Mum, and the rest are ones that my Mum didnt need anymore aha!

So YOU tell me...
What shall I paint my nails!?
Comment which colour is your fave!

Have a wonderful Halloween and I might do a post about it! (I will bring one of the Blythies Trick or Trreating!)
Lots of love,
NYCO.P.I (My fave brand ever!), RevlonNARSM.A.CChristina Fitzgerald.


  1. I like the NYC bluebird one, and OPI Pink-ing of you ! I love your book idea, so cute !

    Have an excellent dayyy!!


    1. Thanks so much :-D
      I like those ones as well!
      Thanks for stopping by!
      Alex XOXO

  2. Ahhhh I wish I had soo many nail polishes!! Your mom job is amazing!! I vote for blue nars and nyc bluebird :*

    Xx Barbora

    I made a new post about room decorating :)) hope u will check

    1. YESS!
      I saw the post!
      Your video is so great and I just love it!!!
      Have a great day!
      Alex XOXO

  3. Wooow, there're so many colors :D !!!
    I really like NYC bluebird too, and OPI brights power :3 !

  4. This is a really good idea! You have no many colours, I like going for dark reds and purples :)
    - Becky xox