Saturday, 19 October 2013

Present from RUBY

Heeey Hooo

Yesterday, I received something very very VERY super duper exciting in the mail!!!!!!!

Recently, it was Ruby's birthday!!!!
And I sent her a very cute present by post, since she lives far away
And well, Ruby sent me a thank you present and it definitely was a thank you present because I just want to keep thanking her for it!!!

She put it in an envelope, which had a note and a little wrapped parcel inside!

 The note!
The cute little parcel wrapped in paper!
 A really really really adorable headband was inside! She crocheted it by herself!
Its soooo super FABTASTICSOME Ruby!
And... The equally FABTASTICSOME rug she crocheted as well!

They are both AMAZING and I couldnt ask for anything more!
I love it to pieces!!!!!
Thanks so much again!!!
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
And be sure to check out RUBY coz you will love her just like how much I love her!
Have a wonderful day!!
Oh and if you didnt know already I love the present soooo much :-D


  1. Yay!! I'm soooo glad you like them!!
    Kiki looks reallyy pretty with it! It suits her REALLY well! :D
    ANd thank you for my birthday present!!! :DDD

    Ruby xxxxxx

    1. She loves it soioooooo much!
      Thanks sooo much :-D
      Have a great day!
      Alex XOXO

  2. This is so cute >w< !!
    I love that headband :D !!

    1. I love it too! And so do the Blythies!!!
      Have a great day Lili!
      Alex XOXO

  3. Woow she sent u amazing stuff!! The headband is brilliant

    Xx barbora