Friday, 19 April 2013

*The Grounds*

The other day we all went to this AHMAZING place called The Grounds! It's in Alexandria in Sydney. If you wanna find out more search up The Grounds on Google!
Kiki came along :-)
Kiki had a little picnic!
The gardens r amazing and there are 2 full time gardeners that work here!

We were lucky, we got this awesome little glasshouse to sit in.

The bathroom is so pretty I had to take a pic!

Here is the pig Kevin Bacon. Lol!
They also have a chicken coop but realised I didnt take a pic
after I left ^_^

The wishing fountain

A little cubby house for kids! It's so cute and inside people write
on the walls with chalk which looks cool!

Here is the slide that comes out of the cubby house and a little play area
for kids!

The bacon and egg roll cooker! These guys make the best!
(Dont worry they dont use Kevin!)

How absolutely amazing is this flower!
It's off a passionfruit vine that was there!
Hope u guys enjoyed!
More posts soon!
If you r in Sydney, check this place out!

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