Monday, 31 December 2012

Cow and the Moon Ice Cream

Hi again
So I promised I would show you one of the greatest gelato places in Sydney.
Cow and the Moon is the second best ice cream I have tried in my whole life!
It is located in Enmore in Sydney and if you live near there or are coming to Sydney you absolutely have to try it out!
Here are some pics of there ice cream!!!!
All I can say it is super delicious!
Here is my cousin Mary's ice cream (left) which is mango and chocolate sorbet.
Mine is strawberry sorbet and granny smith apple.
My cousin Cat licking her ice cream. She got bella chocolate
and blueberry.
Another really great and popular ice cream place is called Messina in Sydney.
There are a few different one around Sydney.
One in Darlinghurst and one in Surry Hills.
Ok bye for now!

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