Thursday, 27 December 2012


Be aware that this is a very very long post!
Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas!
I had the most wonderful Christmas ever!
On Christmas day my Mum, Dad, brother and I went to my Auntie Georgia's house for a Greek lunch!
We had lots of Greek foods such as :
Haloumi Cheese
Greek Salad
Spanokopita (spinach pie)
and soooooo many other Greek things!

For dinner we all went to my Nonna's (Italian Grandma) house!
There were about 100 people there!
We had basically the biggest dinner you could ever imagine!
We had:
About 10 different salads
Seafood like prawns, oysters (eeeewww!), mussels, salmon etc.
and again soooooooooo much more!
The dessert was scrumtious!
Zoe loves the Christmas tree!
Here are a few different pictures of the day!
All of the presents under the tree for all of my cousins!
Yummy! Fruit punch is my favourite!
Custard tarts!
MMMMMMM! The chocolate mousse is my favourite part of Christmas!
A triangular Gingerbread house?
It was yummy though!
Rockyroad, Biscuits and a whole heap of sweets!
the tree at my Nonna's house

Ooohhh the ham!
Here is some of the seafood.
Zoe has been a good girl this year!
Here is only a tiny bit of the food at my Nonna's house.
Watermaelon. Mango, Cherries!

Zoe is helping set up the table outside 

Those were all of the pics I took on Christmas!
I was busy spending time with my cousin's and having fun!
You all have yourself a happy nw Year and I will probably post before the new year but if not see you next year!
What I want to know is what did Santi Claus bring you under the tree?
Well bye for now!


  1. Merry Christmas Alex!!

    I love the food♥♥

    xx Barbora♥

    1. Yeah the food was delicious!
      How do u do those cute love hearts!!!!!!!????
      I am so desperate to find out!
      Ok bye