Wednesday, 11 September 2013

IKEA Doll Furniture?!

Hiya everyone!
Happy Wednesday!
U know that absolutely AMAZING furniture shop IKEA?!
Well, they just made this new product that is...
Its basically real IKEA furniture turned into small- scale perfect for Blythes!!
The other day my parents come home from IKEA saying
"Oh yeah, we found this at IKEA and thought u might like it" I was like "Oh my goodness gracious me!!?!?!?" I opened it and straight away re-decorated the Blythe Quarters!
It also came with awesome cute outs!! Like picture frames and windows!
Here is the set
Taken from IKEA website...

Here is the new House!!!!
The office area, with Honey enjoying hot chocolate and cookies!

 A close up...
The yellow chair and green table is the IKEA furniture. The window is a cutout!

The crafting room. The shelves in the background are IKEA and are the same shelves my Blythe House is in! Soo cute! A mini shelf inside the big shelf! Taylor Swift picture frame is a cutout!

 Kitchen! The cutout stuck to the wall is IKEA.

Tammy's sleeping place with some other stuff! A sleeping bag for the Petits and the 2 stands with some stuff and then Tammy's dog. (Whos still doesnt have a name!!! Any ideas?!)

Then the lounge room! The lounge is IKEA + the rug and the red heart pillow in the background!
The window is a cutout!
Hope ya liked it! And see if u can think of a cute name for Tammy's dog!
Oh and the new name of Capuccino Chat is...
Thnx Barbora for the suggestion :-) So cute!
Have a great rest of the week!!


  1. Awww thanks for making my suggestion her name!! :)) that is soo amesome!!! :))
    I love the ikea stuff for dolls! It looks amazing! I wish we had ikea here...

    Xx Barbora :)

  2. Hi everyone!
    Sorry for the photo captions! I tried fixing it, but on Blogger it looked normal! I re-did the post but wouldnt change! Anyone know whats going on?!
    Alex XOXO

  3. Wooow ! We have a lot of IKEA in France >w< ! I must find this furniture here XD ! Thank you for sharing it !! Your blythe house is sooo cute ^^ !

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