Saturday, 7 September 2013


Lately, I have been drawing my life away!!
I have never ever EVER been a good drawer my whole life!! But I keep seeing Lili and Zali and Ruby drawing absolutely AMAZING pics so, I decided to try!
And thnx sooo much girls! U really inspired me sooo much and now I love drawing!!
THANK YOU!!!! :-D And Zali, I absolutely love ur drawing style so I have been copying some... But all of these are my own creations!
Here they are:
And sorry, they rnt that good, I just thought to share them with u, since Im a beginner and hopefully in a few years time, I can look back at my old drawings and see how I've improved!
 This was my first drawing! I think their eyes are too big...

 This, I think, is by far my fave!
Here are some girls...
 And some more...
 And more...
 And more... But these girls are my BFF Rosie and me!
And then these girls... Their noses are sooo weird! Aha!
Thnx for reading!!
I hoped u like em and tell me
What is ur fave out of all of em?!
And again, thnx so much friends for inspiring me!


  1. They are so cute!
    I'm so glad I inspired you to start drawing :)

    My favourites are you and Rosie!!
    They are so cool!!

    Ruby xxx

  2. Hey Alex,
    I actually think they're pretty good! They're really cute. And don't worry, I can't draw to save my life either, but I'm sure you'll improve if you do it a lot! I'm especially bad at drawing noses, they're impossible! My favourites are the one of you and Rosie and the third one.
    Have a lovely day!
    xo Flora //

  3. Aww your drawings are cute!! And arent the other girls older? :/ I guess... But dont worry you will get to their level soon!

    Xx Barbora^^