Saturday, 16 March 2013

Day At Rosie's #1 At the Soccer

Yesterday I went to ROSIE'S HOUSE!!
I had soo much fun I decided to share it with u!
Over the next 3 days I will be posting about what happened.
Firstly we went to her brother's soccer (football in some countries) game and we took some pics of our Blythies! They look soooooo cute together!
Rosie, her little sister and I all wore our Saltwater Sandals
(the best sandals EVER!!!)

Honey, Pickle and Kiki!
Honey likes to climb!!

Kiki siting with Rosie!

This was the first time Kiki met Pickle.
They decided to slide down the slide together!!

hahaha! Honey climbing again!!
They had soo much fun!
I had fun too!!
Tomorrow I will do another post!
Have a great day:-D


  1. Oh they're so cuuute >w< ! I love your pictures !
    And I'm so so so sorry for the ad swap ! I thought I had put your button up, but I didn't save the changement and it didn't work ! Please forgive me !
    Now it's O.K, I saved the changement and your button is on my blog !
    have a happy day

  2. Really nice photos :)
    Your Blythes are so so cute♥
    Love your Pinterest. Now I followed you :)

    xxx Barbora♥♥