Saturday, 9 March 2013

My Favourite Blythes!!!

Here are  a few of my favourite Blythes!! (Say that like the Sound Of Music song : These are a few of my favourite things!!(make sure you say it out loud))
Ice Rune

Friendly Freckles
Sunshine Holiday

My Little Candy
Prima Dolly Tokyo
Simply Peppermint
Ribbonetta Wish
(Obviously I love her because she has Hello kitty on her!)
Cassiopeia Spice
Tarts and Tea
Nostalgic Pop
Nicky Lad
(Obviously I LOVE my Little Honey Bunny!)
Midnight Spell
Stawberries and Cream Cute
Petite De'Jeuner Champs Elysees
(I also LOVE my Kiki!!)
Red Delicious

Pickle Winkle
(I love Rosie and her Dolly!)
Orange and Spice
Miss Sally Rice
(She is like my all time fave Blythe!!!)
Roxy Baby
Rainy Day Parade
I know, I have HEAPS of favourite Blythes!! I love every Blythe but these, are truly my faves.
Thanx everyone!!
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Thanx again!


  1. I love all of them♥
    I think all blythes are soo amazing!! My fave is the Mahulien blythe...idk if I spelled it right :D

    xx Barbora♥♥

  2. They are all so cute !
    Me, my favourite ones are Miss sally rice, Mrs Retro mama, Orange and spice, Ichigo heaven, Nostalgic pop, Phoebe Maybe, Midnight spell and Marabelle Melody ...
    Have a nice day
    xoxo ♥