Thursday, 7 March 2013

Kiki's Fashion Show!!!

Heeeeeeey Cuties!!
I am Super duper happy thanx to Miss Zali from Picking Daisies!!
I won her giveaway!! I had never won something before so it feels good!
What this post is meant to be about is Kiki's Fashion Show!!!!
Kiki was like
" Hey Alex is it ok if like one day I do a Fashion show??"
I reply:
"Uhhh, maybe. A fashion show? Thats actually a good idea! I could put it on my blog!"
Kiki seemed excited. So I went with it.
Here is the show!!
Open the curtains!!
Rainy Day Chic
Whole outfit came with Honey

Out Shopping
Dress- Handmade by ME!
Bag- Handmade by Rosie!!

Hat- Handmade by Rosie's Nan
Singlet- Barbie
Skirt- Handmade by ME!

Whole outfit came with Kiki
Kiki was soooooo happy that she did this Fashion Show!!!
P.S If anyone wants to do an add swap with me please email me or go to my Contact Page for more info!!!! :-D ^_^

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