Monday, 4 March 2013

Safe and Sound Taylor Swift (and Honey!

Hi Cutie Petuties!!
I am just absolutely in love with Taylor Swift's song Safe and Sound!
Don't know why but this song is sooooooooo beautiful!!
Its the soundtrack to the Hunger Games and Taylor is meant to be the ghost of Prim. If you have read Mockingjay you will know what I mean.
This video clip is soooooo pretty I decided to take Honey out and take some pics inspired by this song!
Love this pic! Honey is up in a tree! This was soooo hard to take because it was so
windy that day! BTW her hair is meant to be messy!

Up in another tree!
I just love Taylor Swift!
Have a great day!!!!!!!!! :-D
Oh and if you have any ideas for any posts can u please let me know because I need some ideas!!!


  1. Cute little Honey!

    Nice song too!

    ~Ruby xxx

  2. The song is soo wonderful!
    And Honey looks extra cute :))
    ^^ Have a nice day!!

    xx Barbora♥