Friday, 22 March 2013

Day at Rosie's #2 Pickle's New House!!!

I am SOOOO super sorry that I didnt post on Sunday!! I have been super busy and actually fractured my nose the other day!!
I have something exciting to tell you!!
Today is Honey's 2 Month Birthday!!!
She is having fun with Kiki!!
Well as ou guys know last Saturday I went to Rosie's house and we did some things!
Today I will be showing you about Pickle's (that's Rosie's Blythie) New House!!
Pickle has just moved into new shelves because before her house was on the floor!!
Rosie got some great new shelves and I helped decorate Pickle's house!
It still wasnt finished when I left so sorry if her house is a little bland in a few rooms!
Pickle in her Study!! My fave room!

Pickle's room


Lounge room

Half is Bathroom and the other half is the storage area.
Not finished yet

Craft room. Still not finished either!

These was the HUGE box that all of Pickle's stuff went in!
It was completely full when we started!
Thanx so much guys for waiting!
Have an absolutely LOVELY weekend!
Will probs do post tomorrow! Thats if Rosie remembers to send me the pictures! What happened was my camera died at her house and she took the rest of the photos with her camera!
Thanx again!
Lots of big fat hugs and kisses!

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  1. Really nice house :)
    Very cute♥

    Have a nice weekend to A. :))

    xoxo Barbora♥