Saturday, 26 January 2013

Blythes at a... CAFE #1!!

Hi Cutie Petutuies!
Today Zoe, Izzy and Maddy went to a great cafe called Kitchen by Mike in I think Rosebery, Sydney!
They went with someone very special! They met Honey my Neo Blythe!!!
They all went together and had a great time!
Here r the pics!
Izzy and Honey!

Maddy and Honey look cute together!


Awww! Honey loves lemonade!

Maddy sure likes Honey!
Ok on Monday there will b another post about a cafe thats y this one is #1!
Ok have a great Sunday and hope everyone had a Happy Australia Day (if u love in Australia that is!!)
Lots of big fat kisses XXXXX
Alex *kiss hug kiss hug*


  1. Have a nice Sunday too Alex!
    I♥ Honey´s clothes!!

    xx Barbora♥

    1. Thanx Barbora!!
      I made her dress, the shoes r barbie, her hat and bag my BFF's grandma made them for Honey and the necklace is one of my bracelets!

  2. Hi Alex!!!

    Wow! you made that dress its awesome! I love it!!!!

    Everything is Soooooo Cute Alex!!

    ~Ruby xxx