Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Honey's Hairstyles!!

Hi Hi Hi!!!
Today was my first day of school for the year and it was terrific!!
I am in class 6N with an awesome teacher Miss Noble!
I am with my friends and I am happy :-)
I hope your school days have been great like mine!!
Today I tried some weird hairstyles with Honey just to try what she looked best in.
I tried:
Cool Caveman
Pretty Pony
Stylish Side
and Craziness!!!
Here are the pics!
Cool Caveman.
This is with her hair in a ponytail on top of her head.
Here is Pretty Pony.
A nice ponytail.

Here is the side view of the ponytail.

This is the Stylish Side.
It is a little messy.

And finally Craziness!!!!
This is styled with the hair in front of the face to create a crazy effect!
So these were Honey's hairstyles!
Comment below which is ur fave???
Ok Thanx!
Have fun!


  1. I like stylish side ^^
    You are soo creative♥ ((:

    xx Barbora♥

  2. I love all of them.. but my favourite is also stylish side! hehe

    Beautiful hairstyles and beautiful honey!!

    ~Ruby xxx

  3. Thanx everyone for coming on my blog!! I couldnt ask for anything else! Honey is really cute!! M fave is The Stylish Side too! I also like the ponytail because it is simple and cute!

  4. awww adorable !
    My favorite one is Pretty pony ...
    xoxo ♥