Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Hi Cuties!
Hope u all had a wonderful day!!
I sure did!
For many of us living in NSW we start school for the year tomorrow!!
I am going into yr 6 and have no idea who my teacher is! ^_^
I hope I get someone good because I will b stuck with this teacher all year!
Well what I wanted to show u guys was a thing called a Poppet.
My mum's friend Jayne is a hairdresser and has won lots of awards such as hair dresser of the year and her salon won best team of the year at hair expo a few years ago. Every year they win something!
Well Jayne Wild has loved Blythe dollies her whole life and she got me into Blythes! Her wish was to create a Blythe that was alive! So she made it happen! She created huge blythe heads to go on human bodies! My mum is a makeup artist and she painted these dolls heads to make them come to life! She did their hair and made them look even prettier! These are based on Blythes but arent exactly them!
Here is a video of her talking about her creations!
Here they mention Isabella Schimid that does the makeup and that is my Mum!
Here is part 2 if u wanted to watch more!
Jayne actually does call everyone Poppets! She calls me one!
The Emo one used to b displayed in their hair salon!
So if u want to find out more search Jayne Wild Dolls up on Google or YouTube.
Thanx everyone!
If u would like to find me on Skype my name is princess_a.z


  1. Woow wooow woow!!! I´m so so sooo impressed!!!

    That´s AMAZING! I would die if my mom would help there!!! AMAZING!!
    I´m speachless!

    xx Barbora♥

  2. Hahahaha! Thanx Barbora!
    My mum has done lots of makeup for tv shows like she did The Voice Australia and X Factor and So u think u can dance and lots of tv commercials and shows and advertisements and fashion shows.
    Ok so bye!!
    Alex XOXOXO