Monday, 14 January 2013

Ashleigh's Christening!

Hi cuties!
Here are all of the pics I took of Sunday!
If u dont already know, on Sunday I went to my baby cousin Ashleigh's Christening!
Ashleigh's candle and some decorations!
More info later!
Yummy punch! My absolute fav drink!
(This punch has no alcohol)
The punch in the cups.

A really pretty ribbon tree and little zebra that my Auntie made.

Here is the zebra!
Everyone got to take one home!



Ashleigh's cake! The theme of this Christening was Pink
Zebra Stripe.

Rocky Road and Choc covered figs!

Fruit platter:
grapes, mango, watermelon, cherries, rockmelon and nectarines.

Chocolate covered prafita roll!
I am sorry I cant spell pre-fita!)

Auntie Connie's (My Nonna's Auntie or my Mum's great Auntie)
famous trifle!

CAKE! With passionfruit icing on top!!
I had so much fun and t was super cute when at the church the priest poured the water on Ashleigh's head she was asleep and didnt cry! She is adorable!
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