Saturday, 19 January 2013

LPS and Quote of the week!

This week went super fast!
I am just super excited because I have a huge surprise for all of u!
Not today but maybe tomorrow or one day next week I will post about this special thing!
Here is the LPS!
Her name is Posey!
She is a pink cat with a pretty flower on her head!
I added beads to the ears to make it look like earrings!
She is super cute!

Here she is on my bro's trike!
No for the quote.

No seriously, What is?
I love this quote because it is so simple but strong!
Tell me about your day!
Next week I will post heaps!!!
Thanx heaps for coming on my blog!
I really appreciate it!


  1. Wooow really gr8 quote! :)
    Stay strong♥

    xx Barbora!

  2. Cute!!!
    Can't wait for your special thing! ;)
    Most of the time what is stopping me is my laziness hehe

    ~Ruby xoxox