Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Ruby from a Vintage Girl's Blog!!!

Hi Cuties!!
I havent been posting at all but next week something exciting is happening so I will probably post a little bit more! Here is Ruby from A Vintage Girl!
Hello, I'm Ruby! I love Blythe, Crafts, blogging and making new friends!

Why did you start blogging and who inspired you the most?!!
I started blogging because I had saw a few GREAT blogs and thought it would be fun and quite a challenge! The blogs inspiring my to start were actually the only ones I knew about!
A beautiful mess
The Janelle Wind collection

What is your favourite thing to blog about?!?
My favourite thing to blog about would have to be about my Blythe dolls

Why do you blog and what keeps you going?!?

I blog because it is fun, others like my blog and I'm not that good at keeping routines and it helps me remember!

What are your favourite blogs?!?
I have MANY favourite blogs but you can see them all here!

  How do you mange blogging and school/work?!?
Well I mange it by typing half posts on the weekend then finishing them on the school days!

Thank you Alex for giving me a guest post :) Please visit my *blog* :D

~Ruby xx

Thanx sooooooo much Ruby for doing this guest post on my blog AND thanx for being my friend:-) So please check her blog out and FOLLOW her on BlogLovin!
Thanx everyone!!

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  1. It is a nice guestpost :))
    Wishing you Happy Valentines day♥♥♥

    xx Barbora