Saturday, 23 February 2013

Terrible Night...

Hi everyone!
OMG yesterday it was raining ALL day and the wind was SUPER strong!!! I would say it was the biggest storm in Sydney for a YEAR or so!! It was sooooooo terrible because my dad and I went to my cousins house at about 5pm and we were meant to leave at about 10:30pm because my Auntie and Uncle had to go out to an engagement party. We actually left at 12:30 AT NIGHT not because the parents came a bit later, but because IT WAS RAINING SUPER STRONG we couldnt leave the house!!! When we did leave the rain didnt go down  A BIT but we had to leave because if we didnt we would have been stuck there ALL NIGHT!!
The trip home was SOOOOOOO much fun!! Going through puddles, the rain smashing against the car!! The thunder roaring loudly!! The lightning lit up the sky and it was super pretty!!
And it was really cool because around the corner from my house, every time it rains it floods a little. But because this time it was raining SOOOOO MUCH when we went through it we were underwater for a second or so!! It looked really awesome and it was like that a whole heap of water was engulfing us!! I wis I had my camera with me so I could take pics!!
During the day back at home I took a picture at about 2ish and here it is:
Here is the rain from outside my parents window!
It was super heavy and windy but you cant really tell!
But at night I would say it was a 100 times worse!!
You are never going to believe this but when we finally got home,
It was sooooo loud like it always is and I was soooo tired!! But because my room is the closest to their backyard, I couldnt sleep!!! So Me, My mum and dad were down stairs all night either:
On the computer or reading.
I was on the computer but it wasnt very fun at 1:00 at night when no one is on Skype!!
Finally, my mum decided to call the police coz here the time limit for a party is at midnight. So she called.
The picked up and she told them about it.
They said that they would come.
They didnt.
This time they said that there were too many trees and power lines down so they couldnt come!!
AAAHHHH!! But they actually did come only like 10 mins later. Maybe someone else called too!!
But they came at 1:45 and the music stopped.
it started again!!!! AAAAHHH
But I was SOOOO tired I fell asleep while I was on the computer, while the party was going on.
Apparently the party finished at 3.
Poor neighbourhood. Luckily they are renting.
I hope your day was great!!

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  1. WOW!!! Its was like that here too and we went to the movies and it was pooring then came back when it was calmer we party in it!!! :)

    ~Ruby xxx