Friday, 22 February 2013

My Birthday!!

Ha-ay everyone!!
As some of u might know, on the 21st of Feb it was my 11th BIRTHDAY!! YAY!!
And on the 22nd it was Honey's 1mnth Bday!! WOOHOO!!
From my BFF Rosie I got HEAPS of stuff!!
I am just going to show u what she made for Honey.
The overview!!

Here is all the food stuff:
A box of donuts, Cherries, A smash lunchbox with mini ziplock bags and a sandwich!,
a blender, 2 milk carton erasers, 2 packet of some sorts erasers, 2 noodle erasers!
My dad bought me the Japanese erasers

A bag filled with Justin Bieber mags, a set of books, an iPad,
an iPhone, a toy box which inside has a little Hello Kitty toy and
2 Smiggle sheep erasers.


Art supplies!! (an easel, paint holder thingy, paint brushes and
paint brush holder.
Thanx Rosie SOOOOOO much for your hard work!! I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

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