Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Hi there everyone!
Lately I have been obsessed with the new movie DIVERGENT!
I received the series for my birthday last year and have already read them three times!
It changes your life!
I'm serious!
It is quite a complex story, so it would be WAYYY too hard to describe it all on this one post, so if you want to know what it's about, just go and read the book!
I was sooooooooo super duper excited for the movie to come out this year, because the book was just AMAZING, and it looked great! 
So I thought I would share some of the reasons why I love Divergent so much! I have found most of these pics on Pinterest! You can follow me at http://www.pinterest.com/princessalexz/ (Sorry am blogging from My iPad and don't know how to add links )

Well, firstly, THEO JAMES IS IN IT!!!!!!! He plays the absolutely AHMAZING Tobias Eaton/ Four in the movie! I think he does a great job at it, and Tobias Eaton, is just like soooo dreamy. Soooo he plays him justice. Like, who doesn't love Four?
True dat Tobias, True dat. You are totes awesome sauce! 

Divergent is about a society separated into five groups, called factions. These factions represent how everyone wants to rule differently, but at the end of the first book, there is a horrible war about who should be the ruling faction.  I won't go on too much about it, but I love the fact that even though this book is sci- fi, it still has elements of social issues And, does relate to today, which shows that humans have always judged each other, and I think we shouldn't, and live together as a world, and not just as small communities. There are threats to these factions though, Divergents. They don't belong to any faction, they receive results for more than one, and are forced to hide that power they have, which is that they can control simulations and resist serums, which is dangerous for the leaders of the factions, to control their people. This leads them to want to kill all the Divergents, so that the system will run 'smoothly' again. Eh I hate u Jeanine Matthews 
If that even made any sense to you...

The factions are sorted by personality and beliefs, on what qualities form good leaders. This is what they fight about. 

Tris, the main character who receives a divergent aptitude result, is forced to chose between her family and what she wants, but as the saying goes
, what will she end up choosing?
Beatrice Prior is played by the wonderful Shailene Woodley. She is an amazing actress and definitely plays the part well! She is absolutely gorgeous!
Tris is very strong and persistent. She just wants everyone to be safe and hates what's going on at the moment. When Tris and Four fall in love, what will they do to fix the problems their city is facing?

Awwwwe I'm fangirling sooooo hard right now!!!!

Well, I am basically in love with divergent, and I think you will be as well, when you read this heartwarming, action- packed, romantic, depressing trilogy.
Yes, the last book is depressing, but I mean, what can you do ;-(
Have a wonderful day!
And Be Brave,
Alex xoxox


  1. Love this post, you really are making me want to read the book + watch the movie ;)

  2. Divergent is my life. I read the first book way back in 2011 and just fell in love. I saw the movie when it first came out, but now I really really want to go again! It's just so amazing! x Erin

  3. I loove Divergent!! I also like the fault in out stars! Have u read that book?

    1. I'm actually reading it at the moment! It's soooooo sad :-( Awwww I just love Gus!