Sunday, 30 March 2014

This or That Tag!

Hello there!!

Ok, before we start this post, here is a mini update:
Well, i never actually imagined that high school would be this much homework!!
All i have been doing for the past few weeks is Homework, study, assignments, homework, study, assignments... and so on....! but finally all my exams are over!  yay!!! so i wanted to come back to doing what i love (blogging, duh?!) and reading all my fave blogs! so if you've noticed i haven't been commenting on any of your posts, i have been really really busy! so, i'm back! For now.....

Today i'm going to be doing the...
This or That Tag!!!
 i was tagged by the lovely Maddie!
Thanks Maddie!!!

Lets go!

1. Hair up or down?
i always prefer my hair down! but, because of school, i have to wear my hair up, so on the weekends i wear my hair down.

2. Dessert or fruit?
Dessert!!! Duh?!

3. Dress or shirt and sweatpants?
Dress! i love wearing dresses and skirts so much!! i would only wear trackies when i'm sick ahaha

4. One Direction or the Jonas brothers?
Justin bieber!! ^_^

5. Radio or iPod?
iPod! i love listening to my playlists! (Especially Justin, Taylor and Lana )

6. sleepover at your house or your friend's?
i don't know or care, since i've never been on a sleepover...

7. Cookies or Apples?
Cookies!! Preferably, Anzac!

8. snow or no snow?
Well, i've never been to the snow so yes snow!!

9. Cookies or Cupcakes?
Cupcakes!! i love how you can seriously put Anything in cupcakes!

10. Playing card or Painting?

11. in a board game, would you rather be the green piece or the white piece?
Really doesn't matter!

Thanks Maddie for tagging me!!
Everyone go and give her blog  a follow!
The three people i tag:

and Trisha
Wish i could tag more!!
(you girls know who you are!)

Have a wonderful day, week, month, year and have a good life while your at it!!
Alex xoxoxox

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  1. thank you for tagging me! ^_^ I'll do the post soon!