Friday, 16 May 2014

Sick Days

How are you guys?
Long time no post!
Lately, Ive been enjoying my days lying in bed enjoying hot cups of tea.
I have been sick!
*cough* *cough*
Honey is sick too :-(
I have had a really yuck cough and bad headaches!
But, when Im sick. I have to stay home for a few days.
But, I do get REALLY bored...
So here are basically all the things I do when Im sick...

I LOVE making Rainbow Loom bands!
Here I am making a Starburst bracelet!
This is how it turned out...

I'm pretty proud of it :-D

Also, I like to read!!!!
At the moment Im reading the last book in the Wildwood Chronicles!
(A break from Divergent :-(... )
Just like the other two...
Definitely recommend!

I also enjoy writing stories and drawing...
This notebook is from Typo!
I am obsessed with it, as it makes a really really great studying book.
The blue pen's Papermate Ink Joy, which are some of my absolute favourite pens!
And the other two are from the amazing store Typo.

Lastly, when Im sick and bored at home, I enjoy going on my iPad!
Especially watching YouTube and going on the absolute best app, Pinterest!!!!!!
You can follow me here :-DDDD
Here I am watching one of my most favourite YouTubers MissGlamorazzi!
I also really enjoy watching Bethany MotaStilababe09Zoella and lots of gaming channels.
(I have an obsession with Minecraft...)

Hope you guys are well and are enjoying the colder (or warmer!) weather!

Lots of love,
Alex xxx

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  1. alex! i tagged you for 'Tumblr Tagged'!

    get well soon!