Monday, 12 August 2013

Wildlife Hair Salon!

You know how in My last post I told you that my Mum worked in a salon?
The salon is called Wildlife Hair in Milson's Point, Sydney!
My mum is a beautician and runs the Beauty Department of the salon!
My mum is also a freelance makeup artist and does soooo many awesome shoots!
Well, here is Tammy in the salon!
The owner of the salon has a Blythe too! She was the one that
told me about Blythes!!! Here is a post I did on her Poppets!
Her Blythe doesnt have a name so any suggestions???

The Harbour Bridge in the background!
The views are absolutely AMAZING!!

Cappuchinno Chat and a plant. Lol

Tammy in the kitchen!

Tammy is excited to be at a salon!

These brushes are AMAZING! U can get them at the salon. They are called
Tangle Teezers and I'm like serious, they dont hurt at ALL when you
brush your hair!

Lots of products...
Check out the Wildlife website and I'll cya soon!
Oh and help me think of a name for Cappucino Chat!


  1. Ohhh Cappucino chat used to be my most fav blythe!! :)) I suggest name Cappucino Cat ahhaha :)) that sounds cute :3 :D

    Xx Love Barbora <3

  2. Tammy is so cute! It's awesome that your mum is a beautician :)
    -Becky x

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