Friday, 16 August 2013

50 Random Facts About ME Tag!!!

Hey everyone!
At the moment I am sick and in bed on a lovely day :-(
But lets not think of the downsides of today,
My blog has just reached 4000 page views!!!! Thanx sooo much everyone!!!
And to celebrate I'll be doing the 50 Random Facts About me Tag!! I was tagged by the AMAZING Barbora!!

People I tag
- Ruby from A Vintage Girl
Harri from Cupcake Crafty
Lucy from Lucy Pham
- And Rosie from Rose E and Blythe

Ok Now let's get started!!!

1. I wasn't born with a middle name but I made it Lucy!!

2. My birthday is the 21st of February 2002 and have never met anyone with the same day as me!

3. But, Micheal Jackson's son Prince Micheal 'Blanket' Jackson was born on the EXACT same day as me!! How cool?

4. I am school captain at my Primary School!

5. On Monday I met the Governor General!! Will post about that Tomorrow...

6. I havent been on a plane in 5 years!!

7. I have really weird habits of always whistling, making hand gestures when I talk, and I cant sit still, I have to always be moving my leg or shaking.

8. I have been playing the clarinet for 2 years

9. I LOVE singing but I hate singing in front of people and never have.

10. I am not a sporty person at all!! I love netball and bike riding but am not competitive at them!

11. My favourite food is sushi and I love the raw stuff!

12. At school I am known as a 'Goody Goody' and a 'Teacher's Pet' coz I always follow the rules and am a ggood student.

13. I am nerdy O-O

14. I represented my school in Public Speaking last year and came 4th

15. I have always been a girly girl and when I was 4, I couldnt wear pants coz I hated them!

16. I love watching YouTube and my fave YouTubers are:

and loads more!!

17. I am obsessed with Minecraft even though I dont have it. I watch heaps of YouTube vids and now know everything, but have never played it before... We are going to get it once we find out whats wrong with our computer!

18. I love drawing but I am terrible at it!

19. When I grow up I would love to be a Stylist or Interior Decorator

20. I have a 3 y o brother called Zack

21. I am Catholic and recently made my Confirmation

22. I go to my Nonna's (Grandma's) House everyday and am very very close to my grandparent's

23. I LOVE Hello Kitty and Kawaii Characters

24. My fave movies are

My Neighbour Totoro
Spirited Away
Kiki's Delivery Service
Moonrise Kingdom
Justin Bieber: Never Say Never
and I just love heaps of Disney Pixar movies! They are the cutest!

25. I make felt plushies

26. And at first I wanted my blog to be about crafting and called it 'Love For Felt' But I changed it

27. My dad's side is Greek and my Mum's is Italian

28. My fave animals are dolphins!!!!!! Oh they are just the awesomest!

DYK- That dolphins are the most intelligent animals other than humans!?

29. My fave musicians are

Justin Bieber
and Taylor Swift
but I love lots of music

30. I am going to Justin Bieber's concert in October!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

31. I have never had my own device. Eg. Nintendo, iPod etc. but am getting my mum's iPhone next month and am getting Instagram!

32. Have been wanting Instagram for ages...

33. My fave lip balm is Bert's Bees and I use it 24/7!

34. I love nail art!

35. My mum's a make-up artist! (My creative side!)

36. My dad is an optometrist! (My smart side!)

37. I love Domo

38. My fave colours are
and a mixture of them both

39. If u havent noticed, I post every Saturday and one other day in the week!

40. I dont like brushing my teeth, I mean I do do it, but it bothers be having to do it!

41. My hair is soooo oily I have to wash it every second night!

42. I have been blogging since November last year

43. I have just sold all my LPS's ;-( But kept all my Mini Blythes!

44. My fave shops are
Morning Glory
and anywhere where I find nice things!

45. I am scared of any movie! I always get scared on most Disney Movies where a witch comes or something.

46. I also cry in most movies when its sad.

47. As I said, Im scared of movies but whenever we tell scary stories, Im the only one not freaked out

48. I love reading!! And am reading the Sequel to Wildwood, Under Wildwood

49. I love photography and have a tiny Samsung, which I've had for 3years and hasnt broke!

50. I have never been on a sleepover coz I'm not allowed!!!

Thanks for reading and You're AWESOME if u read it all!!
Lots f love,

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  1. I read it all :))) so cool answers :))) I didnt know your parents are Europeans!!

    Xx Barbora ^^