Sunday, 11 November 2012

Blythe at the... PARK #1

Hi Cuties!

Here is a new part to my blog I like to call Blythe at the...
It is where sometimes I will take out my mini blythes and do a photo shoot with them!
Today they are at the park!
Jasmin likes sitting on the rope!
Looks like Zoe's having fun on the swing!

Penelope likes the leaves!

Lara is hiding in the grass!
Rosie loves the playing in the dirt!
Look at the huge tree behind Madeline!
Lizzie likes to hide under the leaves!
Jessie is inside a tree!

They all had fun at the park! 
One of them, Isabelle,  was on holidays
and didn't get to come.
( I left her at a friends house!)

Thanks everyone
Alex :-)

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