Monday, 12 November 2012

Blythe at... Nonna's House

Hi Cuties!

Today Zoe and I paid a visit to my Nonna's (Italian grandma's) house!

Here she is exploring the place!

Zoe love nectarines and oranges!

Sitting on big red pillows!
My Nonna loves to cook and so does Zoe!

Zoe is sitting on a chair (miniature) in front  of the vase.
Zoe is sitting on another chair but this time near the tea set.

She had fun at Nonna's house!
Alex :-)

P.S I won't be able to do any more posts this week because I am 
working on my speech for running for school captain of my school!
I am super nervous!
More details on Monday!


  1. Hii I´m Barbora from a Thanks for a lovely comment on my interview at :) I appercipate it!♥

    U have lovely dolls!

    xx Barbora☻

  2. Thanks so much Barbora!
    BTW They are only Blythe's from Littlest Pet Shop!
    But for my bday I am getting a real one!
    Anyone that comes on my blog can you please tell everyone u know that will like my blog all about my blog?! Because I really would like to promote my blog to lots of people!
    BTW how do u make the little heart at the end of your sentence!
    Bye, Alex :-)