My Dollies

Here is a profile about all of my Blythes!

First my Neo's!
Tammy Rose
Fav Animal- Dog
Fav Colours- Orange and Blue
Job- Same as Honey and Kiki
Likes- Animals, Walks, TV, Animals
Dislikes- Honey when she teases her.
Stock- Simply Mango
Face Type- Radiance
Skin Type- Fair
Make Up- Eyeshadow- yellow, Lips- orange, Blush- orange
Hair - Neon Orange, straight semi-long with fringe
Eyes- Same as Kiki.
Date received- 17th July 2013

Honey Bunny
Fav Animal- Giraffe
Fav Colours- Dark pink, yellow and blue
Job- The greatest doll eva!
Likes- Skirts, movies, being pampered, pranking my friends!
Dislikes- Being alone, being in a box, not doing anything!
Stock- Nicky Lad
Face type- Radiance
Skin type- Natural
Makeup- Eye shadow- yellow brown, Lips- coral pink, Blush- coral pink
Hair colour- Yellowish Brown
Eye colours- 
Blue (right) / sky blue (center-special color) / green (left) / pink (center)
Date received- 22nd January 2013

Kiki Kiyoko
Fav Animal- Pandas and Cats
Fav colours- Blue and Yellow
Job- Same as Honey
Likes- Painting, Picnics, singing, dresses, sewing, ballet
Dislikes- The dark, dark chocolate, or anything thats dark!
Stock- Petite De'Jeuner Champs Elysees
Face Type- Radiant
Skin Type- Natural
Makeup- Eye shadow is mint green and her cheek and lips are orange
Hair- Chocolate brown coloured long hair with a light perm, with a fringe
Eye colours- Same as Honey's except the blue is lighter and her special colour is Orange
But instead of pink, I changed her chips to brown.
Date received- 28th of February 2013

Now my Petites!
Fav colour- Purple
Fav Animal- Horse
Job- Horse Rider
Likes- Horses, Apples, Colourful Saddles
Dislikes- Wolves,  Cages

Coral the SeaPetite
Fav Colour- Turquoise
Fav Animal- SeaHorse
Job- Swimming Teacher
Likes- Swimming, Fish, Beach
Dislikes- Heat, Sun, Sharks

Fav Colour- PINK
Fav Animal- Bunnies
Job- Chef
Likes- Cooking, Carrots, Fluffy Things
Dislikes- Yuck food, Bears, Slobs

Fav Colour- Red
Fav Animal- Deer
Job- Forest Ranger
Likes- Parks, Camping, Music, Berets
Dislikes- Fire, Noise, Cars

Fav colour- Light pink, light blue
Fav animal- Any type of bear
Job- Conservationist (helps the environment)
Likes- Biodegradable things, trees, plants
Dislikes- People that destroy the environment, pollution/ rubbish

Fav colour-FlouroPink
Fav animal- Turtle
Likes-Her pet turtle, movie nights and quiet babies
Dislikes-Cold nights, loud things, the smell of flowers
Fav colour-Purple
Fav animal- Giraffe
Likes-Safaris, jungles, animals and adventures
Dislikes-Short shorts, long hair, motor bikes and asparagus

Fav ccolour-Pink
Fav animal- Poodles
Likes-Pretty things, flower bouquets and pampered poodles
Dislikes-Dirt, loud dogs, dirt.
Fav colour-White
Fav animal- Mice
Job-Hair stylist
Likes-Clean hair, dresses and white mice
Dislikes-Sour things, mess, unorganisation
Fav colour-Green
Fav animal- Cats
Job- Teacher
Likes- Games, toys, little kids, noise
Dislikes- Silence, work, bugs


  1. Cute minis I love them

    I have: Penelope and Isabella!!!



  2. I love mini LPS blythes!
    Thanks so much Ruby! U r so nice!

  3. Oh yes, they are just too cute X) !
    I love Nicole, Lara and Madeline !
    xoxo ♥

  4. Ohh soo cute :)) I luv all of thm!! :))

    Xx Barbora