Bucket List

1. Go to the Olympic Games
2. Swim with dolphins (They are my favourite animals)
3. Learn to speak fluent Japanese
4. Be on TV (been on 3 commercials)
5. Send a message in a bottle
6. Ride a camel in Morocco
7. Plant a tree
8. Meet Justin Bieber ( Love him so much)
9. Visit Parliament House ( Camp 2012, went to Canberra)
10. Fall in love
11. Have a family
12. Learn an instrument  (clarinet, piano)
13. Travel overseas  (China, Japan, Italy)
14. Travel all over Australia.
15. Live in Japan for a period of time
16. Be crazy (I do it everyday)
17. Sleep under the stars
18. Ride on a huge roller coaster
19. Go to Carnival in Rio
20. Spend a whole day reading
21. Grow a garden
22. Make a blog  (You are on it)
23. Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef
24. Climb the Harbour Bridge
25. Take a picture of the Eiffel Tower in Paris
26. Set foot on all 7 continents (Including Antarctica)
27. Master skiing
28. Visit the Himalayas Mountains and climb a mountain.
29. Go horseback riding
30. Bungee Jump
31. Go to New York
32. Travel to most of the Greek Islands
33. Make a snow man (Camp 2012, also went to Smiggins Holes on the Snowy Mountains.
34. Ride on a huge cruise ship
35. Travel under ground in New Zealand. (they have beautiul underground caves)
36. Visit my family in Italy
37. Visit all of the Wonders of the World
38. When I am an adult to reunite with my friends from school.
39. Fly in a hot air balloon
40. Witness a solar eclipse
41. See the Northern Lights
42. See a sunset  (My dad and I rode our bikes to the beach, ate ice creams and watched the sun set. This was last summer)
43. See a sunrise (I am a night owl, would love to see one though.)
44. Learn to knit
45. See the Mona Lisa and other famous paintings in Paris
46.Go whale watching
47. Go on a safari in Africa
48. Walk the Great Wall of China
49. Go to the Grand Canyon
50. Explore the Galapagos Islands
51. Go to Antarctica!! (I think my #1 thing on my Bucket List!!)


  1. Wow, If I did all that I would be pretty happy with myself!

  2. LOl!
    I would be super happy with my achievements!
    But I know there is time for everything!

  3. Yeah
    I would love to do all of those things! I would b super happy if I did them all!
    But there is time for everything!

  4. HAHA! Just found out I posted that twice!