Saturday, 1 February 2014

High School

The Summer holidays are now over for us here in Australia and school has started again!
(Yes, I love school. I know, Im weird!)
I just started at a new school!
Actually, HIGH SCHOOL.
High school is seriously WAY more interesting to Primary and its sooooo much more fun having to walk around to different classrooms instead of staying in the one class the whole day with the same teacher...
The subjects are WAY better too!!
This semester we are doing Food Tech!
Which is basically cooking!!
How fun and cool is that?!
And the classroom is actually a kitchen!!
We are also doing Drama, Art, History, Science (We get to dissect an eye this term ahahaha), Maths, English, Religion and PDHPE (We have to change into our sports uniform at school!).
Even though we do already have homework and I have only been for 2 days, Its still soo much more fun!
Well thats what I think so far....
Here is me in my very stylish (and giant!) new uniform :-D
As you can see, it is very VERY big!!
And, I did get a haircut!
(You probably can't tell but whatever!)

I have made heaps of lovely friends and am having heaps of fun with them at Recess and Lunch, chatting about Primary!
I am also super lucky since my older cousins go to the same school as me, and in the afternoons I catch the bus with them! Which is also soooo fun!

The only bad thing about me starting High School, is that I won't be posting as much...
Especially in the next few months when all the assignments and exams and tests and homework and projects and stuff will be crashing into me!
But, before all that happens, Im going to try to post as much as I can!!
Have a lovely day :-D
Alex xoxo


  1. Oh High School can be so much fun! Make sure that you make the most of it! It'll be over and you'll be out in the world before you can even blink!

    x Erin

  2. Ohh Alex I am wishing u the best of luck!!
    It is night here so u might be sleeping now ir getting ready for school!!
    U look cute! I wish we had cooking lessons too !

    X Barbora